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Top 10 Reasons Women Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Top 10 Reasons Women Undergo Cosmetic Surgery


With shows like Baywatch and Desperate Housewives being broadcast into homes around the globe, it's no surprise that millions of women have turned to cosmetic surgery for smoother skin, perkier breasts, and a super-cinched waistline. In a world where extra, extra small and 00 sizes are hailed (and let's not forget the complementary double-Ds), it makes sense that so many women are undergoing plastic surgery procedures to meet the sleek and sculpted standard of beauty Hollywood has imposed on us all.

But let's face it. Swarms of paparazzi don't follow the average American woman around town waiting for the now common "wardrobe malfunction" or humiliating cellulite shot that can be prominently displayed on magazine covers. Even so, more than 20 million Americans underwent a plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic treatment in 2006.

True, we average women may not have to meet movie star standards of beauty – but most of us are sure going to try anyway. Here is DocShop’s list of the most common aesthetic upgrades women seek to achieve that goal.

Top 10 Reasons Women Undergo Plastic Surgery and Facial Rejuvenation Treatments:

1. Smooth facial wrinkles

2. Remove unwanted hair

3. Increase breast size

4. Suction fat from the stomach, butt, hips, and thighs

5. Remove a bump from the nose

6. Fix a crooked nose

7. Remove bags from around the eye area

8. Remove extra skin from the stomach area

9. Plump up lips

10. Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin

This list is based on the plastic surgery and skin care procedures that were most commonly performed on women in 2006. According to cosmetic surgery statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, these procedures were:

Plastic Surgery Procedures

1. Breast augmentation

2. Liposuction

3. Rhinoplasty

4. Eyelid surgery

5. Tummy tuck

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

1. BOTOX® injections

2. Chemical peels

3. Hyaluronic acid injections

4. Laser hair removal

5. Microdermabrasion

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