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Zap That Fat with External Liposuction

Zap That Fat with External Liposuction


With ultrasonic external liposuction, researchers may have finally developed the perfect plastic surgery procedure. Strictly speaking, ultrasonic external liposuction is not a surgical procedure at all, but it does represent a revolutionary advance in the field of cosmetic body contouring. The key word here is “external”; the procedure involves no incisions or sutures, which means that it also involves no pain or period of recovery. With ultrasonic external liposuction, it is possible to zap fat deposits right off the body.

UltraShape™, an Israel-based company, has developed a liposuction machine that dissolves fat cells non-invasively. Using ultrasonic technology, the Contour I by UltraShape™ targets fat cells and breaks the cell membrane, releasing the fluids contained therein. The body’s lymphatic system then carries away the excess fluid, and it is eliminated from the body through the body’s natural processes. The treatment can be applied on the abdomen, on the external thighs, and on the flanks – also known as the “love handles.”

Through clinical trials, this new technology has proven to be one of the most exciting developments in the aesthetic industry. Not only is there no downtime after the procedure, but the treatment is painless and causes no damage to any of the surrounding cells or structures.

During conventional tumescent liposuction, a plastic surgeon fills the area to be treated with a saline solution. A cannula is inserted through incisions made in the treatment area, and the fat cells are separated and aspirated from the body. Recovery after this procedure includes several weeks of wearing a tightening garment, and perhaps a day or two of rest. Comparatively, the UltraShape™ External Liposuction treatment can be performed quickly and easily, possibly even as a lunchtime procedure.

That said, external liposuction is a relatively new procedure. In May 2007, a Toronto clinic became the first North American practice to offer the procedure. Of course, there have been many clinical trials of the technology, but on the whole, external liposuction is relatively untested. Long-term effects of this treatment are currently unknown. Additionally, the procedure costs between $800 and $1,000 per treatment.

At this time, there are also very few surgeons who are offering the treatment. As more surgeons become trained and proficient in the procedure, it should become more commonly available. In the meanwhile, this breakthrough technology gives hope to those who have been wishing for a way to eliminate stubborn deposits of fat without having to go under the knife.

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