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Beyond the Girdle

Beyond the Girdle


Plastic surgery is receiving more attention now than ever before, and the cosmetic surgery industry has grown to match the demand, with surgical options ranging from abdominoplasty to cosmetic hand surgery. In order to provide the most attractive results, doctors have created the compression garment, designed for wear after cosmetic surgical procedures. These are undergarments with a medical purpose, not to be confused with a girdle. Richard Boggs, vice president of operations for Design Veronique® Compression Wear, emphasizes, “A compression garment is very different from a girdle or garment you would find in a store,” and he is right. Compression garments differ from girdles in their design, shape, application, and purpose.

Contents under Pressure

While girdles simply constrict anything in their grip, compression garments place pressure at specific points to reduce swelling and scarring after cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, giving new meaning to the phrase “contents under pressure.” Compression garments are also unique in that, although they apply pressure to the body, they are designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Shaping Your Body

While girdles cinch only the waist, compression garments fit various parts of the body. Since compression garments are designed for post-operative wear after numerous procedures, including abdominoplasty, liposuction, and breast enhancements, they come in multiple designs to support and compress the appropriate body parts.

Equal Opportunity Garments

Compression garments are designed for wear by men and women alike, making them all-inclusive and superior to the female-focused girdle. By coming in various shapes and sizes, compression garments are sure to fit the needs of any body, any size, and either gender. In fact, according to one CBS news article, compression garments can be an alternative to invasive plastic surgery for teenage boys and men suffering from gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. The garments help these people temporarily attain sleeker silhouettes by flattening excess breast tissue.

A Garment with a Medical Mission

Compression garments are designed to improve the success of cosmetic surgery procedures by quickening post-operative healing and aiding the body in flushing harmful fluids after cosmetic procedures. Unlike the girdle, which was originally designed to give women culturally-defined waist-to-hip ratios, compression garments place pressure at strategic anatomical points to work with the body’s natural processes.

So, if you are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery and want to save a buck or two, post-operative wear is not the corner to cut. Go ahead and invest in a high-quality compression garment to ensure the most successful recovery and most attractive outcome possible. These garments are one of the best ways to deflate, smooth, and protect your body after body sculpting procedures, all in one full swoop.

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