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It's All in the Eyes - DocShop's Top Eight Halloween Costume Ideas

It's All in the Eyes - DocShop's Top Eight Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s that time of year again. The kiddies are ready for a long night of cruising the neighborhood on a sugar high. The adults are ready to party into the witching hour in a liquor-induced haze. But before you can even think about these Halloween festivities, you have to choose this year’s costume.

Need help? If you’re all out of ideas, consider these eye-enhancing options – and our top eight costume picks – to find out how you can take your Halloween ensemble to the next level!

Adorn Your Eyes

Make this year’s Halloween costume all about the eyes by incorporating some of these accessories into your get-up:

Make-Up: There are a number of products available to enhance the eye area – eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow tint, false eyelashes, tiny rhinestones.
Colored Contact Lenses: They come in shades of blues, grays, greens, golds, browns, and even shades of violet.
Decorative Contact Lenses: You can resemble some of Halloween’s spookiest characters with decorative contact lenses.

*The FDA warns against using decorative or colored contact lenses without a prescription and/or fitting with an eye care specialist. Find an optometrist or ophthalmologist in your area who can help you obtain colored or decorative contact lenses.

Our Top Eight Costume Ideas

Check out our top, eye accessory-inspired costume picks. Not one to put much effort into a costume? Choose one of our easy options.

1) Mad Scientist - â—„ Easy Option

Sure, he’s a bit of a departure from the standard ghost or goblin. Nonetheless, the mad scientist is possessed by the dark side, making him a great Halloween costume option.

What to Wear:

1. A white lab coat
2. A name tag with a witty name
3. A bow tie
4. Wild, unkempt hair

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. Hypnotica WildEyes decorative contact lenses
2. Black, wide-rimmed eyeglasses

2) Sayuri, Memoirs of a Geisha

Shrouded in mystery, the geisha is both beautiful and exotic. Bring the intrigue of the Orient to your gathering Halloween night.

What to Wear:

1. Kimono
2. Obi
3. White socks
4. Platform wooden sandals
5. Black wig styled in the traditional shimada (you can purchase a regular black wig and style it yourself, or purchase a geisha wig)

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. Gray contact lenses
2. White foundation and powder on the face, neck, lips, and eye area
3. An ultra-thin line of black eyeliner (liquid works best) on the outer portions of the upper lids
4. Red lipstick on the inner portion of the lips (leave the outer thirds lipstick-free)

3) Black Cat - â—„ Easy Option

Granted, it’s a standard costume. But it’s also been popular for all these years because it allows women to wear the always flattering all black.

What to Wear:

1. All black; you can pair a top with pants or a skirt, wear a dress, or even sport a body, err, cat suit
2. A tail and ears (I recommend decorating the ears and tail with clear rhinestones and marabou – add extra marabou to the tail and attach it to a finger for extra flair)
3. Black, rhinestone-studded collar (or choker)

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. WildEyes Cat Eye decorative contact lenses
2. Black eye shadow and eyeliner to create smoky cat eyes
3. False eyelashes and mascara
4. Small, clear rhinestones for whiskers (apply with tweezers and false eyelash adhesive)

4) Devil - â—„ Easy Option

Another simple solution for Halloween is the devil costume – and it’s ideal for men and women. Here’s how to heat this costume up.

What to Wear:

1. All or mostly red
2. A pitchfork, horns, and tail

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. WildEyes Black-Out or Red Hot decorative lenses.
2. Eye shadow and eyeliner to create a flame-like effect coming out of the eyes and onto the temples (ideal for women)
3. Brown eye shadow to darken the eye sockets and creases around the mouth (ideal for men)

5) Crazed Clown

What is it about a clown that incites fear in so many people? Whatever it is, it makes the crazed clown a great scary costume option.

What to Wear:

1. Any type of zany-looking, brightly-colored outfit
2. Red, curly clown wig
3. Big shoes

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. WildEyes Wildfire decorative lenses
2. White cream to accentuate the eye and mouth area
3. Round, red nose
4. Fake decayed teeth

6. Poison Ivy

Here is one for the comic book lover...or the girl looking to reveal her inner vixen.

What to Wear:

1. An earthy green dress (or top and skirt), adorned with fake ivy; the daring can go with a green leotard or bathing suit.
2. Yellow-green tights
3. Green high-heels
4. A red wig (or red temporary hair spray). There are a couple of ways to style the hair – you can go with a Barbarella-do or sport the look Uma Thurman had in the Batman movie (the two horn-like buns).
5. Ivy crown, bracelet, and necklace

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. Green-colored contact lenses.
2. Green and gold eye shadow and eyeliner in ivy-like designs around the eyes and on the body, possibly enhanced with earth-toned rhinestones

7. Young Frank Sinatra - â—„ Easy Option

He’s one of the legends of the last century. And the young Frank Sinatra is an easy costume for any conservative guy to put together.

What to Wear:

1. Suit, white shirt, skinny black tie
2. Fedora
3. A cigarette in hand
4. A whiskey glass in hand

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. Bright blue-colored contact lenses

8. Female Japanese Anime Character

Japanese anime continues to grow in popularity here in the United States. Be on the cutting-edge this Halloween with a Japanese anime costume.

What to Wear:

1. Colorful, form-fitting outfit (think Harajuku-style attire)
2. Loads of brightly colored accessories
3. Big hair with bangs. Hair should be styled in a choppy fashion (use pomade). If you don’t have enough hair to pull of this look, you can purchase a wig in any color.

Accessorize the Face and Eyes with:

1. Purple contact lenses.
2. A light eye shadow on the eyelids, up to the eyebrows, to make the eyes appear as large as possible
3. A thin layer of dark eye shadow in the crease of the eye
4. A thin line of eyeliner, starting halfway between the inner corner of the eyelid and the middle of the eyelid; the line should get thicker as you reach the outer corners of the lids
5. A thin line of white eyeliner to the bottom lids (in the shape of a half circle pointing up)
6. A thin line of black eyeliner beneath the white eyeliner, with the outer edges pointing down (in the shape of a downward-facing half circle)
7. False eyelashes and mascara

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