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Getting New Breasts in Brazil - Plastic Surgery "Vacations"

Getting New Breasts in Brazil - Plastic Surgery "Vacations"


Thousands of people go under the knife for the sake of beauty each year. A little nip here, a little tuck there, and they emerge with a more refined, youthful appearance.

Of course, they also emerge with wallets that have undergone a transformation, having become substantially lighter.

This is largely why a new trend that combines cosmetic surgery with a vacation in an exotic locale is becoming increasingly popular. People who want plastic surgery but can't afford to pay for it in the United States now have the option of traveling to a foreign country, such as Brazil, where the price of surgery is often significantly lower.

What could be better than getting new boobs and having the chance to debut them in public at a beautiful, sunny beach? Unfortunately, that's not quite how it works.

The Deal

Several companies currently offer these cosmetic getaways. They can help you find a doctor, book a recovery suite, and even inject a dose or two of relaxation between your arrival and your surgical makeover.

Even when combined with the cost of a vacation to beautiful Brazil, cosmetic surgery vacations are generally less expensive than undergoing the same procedures in the United States. In fact, plastic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. can cost up to twice as much as they do in Brazil. For this reason, many prospective cosmetic surgery patients are attracted to the idea of traveling to a foreign country for their surgery.

However, the travel companies that offer these plastic-surgery-vacation packages do not always have the best interests of the patients at heart. Dr. Hebert Lamblet, a cosmetic surgeon in Rio de Janerio and member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, claims that “travel companies that intermediate the medical labor are not really interested in patient safety [and neither are] doctors that accept [these] conditions.”

The Real Deal

Contrary to many people’s fantasies, water sports and drinks with tiny umbrellas aren't exactly permitted after undergoing surgery of any kind. And you won't want to slather sunscreen all over your newly tightened face, either — mainly because it won't be advisable to spend time in the sun after your procedure. As for those physical activities that are best reserved for the privacy of your vacation suite, well, you can't do those either.

Despite the fact that recovering from plastic surgery requires you to avoid many popular vacation activities (including sex, drinking alcohol, swimming, sex, sports, and sex), the prospect of a plastic surgeon charging lower rates (when compared to the cost of undergoing the same surgery in the U.S.) to improve your appearance may still seem like an attractive payoff.

Dr. Lamblet says that, although he has patients travel to him from other countries to have cosmetic surgery, he is careful to warn them that experiencing Brazil is not the primary purpose of their visit. “The patients that come to me come for the procedures and, yes, they will experience our culture and geography, but being conscious that it is secondary and that they are not full tourists.”

When You Put It Like That…

Of course, the quality of any surgical procedure hinges primarily on the skill, training, and experience of the surgeon. Both the U.S. and Brazil have many plastic surgeons who have undergone rigorous training both inside and out of the classroom. However, some patients may, upon careful consideration, decide that they prefer to recover from their surgical procedures in the comfort of their own homes rather than traveling out of the country to save a few bucks.

Cosmetic surgeon Ruth Graf is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and a 25-year veteran practicing in Curitiba, Brazil. Like Dr. Lamblet, Dra. Graf says that she has patients who travel to her from outside of the country for face lifts, breast augmentations, and other procedures. When asked for her opinion on cosmetic surgery vacations, Dra. Graf responds that, above all else, patients need to be comfortable with their doctors. If finding a surgeon they trust means having to travel outside of the United States for treatment, then patients should be open to that prospect.

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