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Laser Bra Provides Lift to Women, Shortens Recovery Time

Laser Bra Provides Lift to Women, Shortens Recovery Time


Today more than ever, the importance of recycling is at the forefront of the public’s consciousness. Now, two Los Angeles–area plastic surgeons have brought the recycling craze into the operating room by developing a revolutionary surgical procedure that uses the patient’s own tissue after it has been removed during breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift to create what is billed as a permanent, internal brassiere.

The Laser Bra, developed by Drs. W. Grant Stevens and David Stoker at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates of Marina del Rey, California, uses a combination of laser-cutting technology and reused patient breast tissue to dramatically cut down recuperation times and leave the patient with what could be viewed as the ultimate in strapless bras.

“The whole point of the Stevens Laser Bra is to create a beautiful, longer lasting and more permanent lift of the breast when performing a breast reduction, augmentation, mastopexy, or standard breast fit,” says Dr. Stevens.

In traditional breast enhancement procedures, some of the patient’s breast tissue is removed and discarded. However, a unique feature of Laser Bra surgery is the way it puts this breast tissue to use. By attaching it to the patient’s chest wall, cosmetic surgeons create what is essentially an internal brassiere beneath the skin, which supports the breasts and helps women maintain a firmer, more attractive bustline.

Another innovative feature of the Laser Bra is the use of a precise carbon dioxide laser instead of scalpels or scissors to cut away breast tissue and prepare the affected area for healing. The preparation of the skin, called deepithelialization, must be performed before the surgical area will properly heal.

The main benefits of using a precision laser instead of scissors or a scalpel are decreased bleeding and swelling as well as shortened recovery times, the doctors say. Also, the laser, which can be held like a pen by the doctor to make incisions, is more effective than traditional methods of preparing the skin for healing, according to the doctors.

Laser Bra surgery takes about two hours and is usually performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. Patients are typically able to return home within hours of their surgery and experience full recovery in approximately a week, the same recovery time associated with traditional breast procedures.

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