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Fix Me Up with a Five-Minute Nose Job

Fix Me Up with a Five-Minute Nose Job


Let’s face it: the dating scene can be a jungle. While each person has a different personality type and approach to dating, everyone wants to bolster his or her self-confidence and ward off the awkwardness of a first date. While the fashion-conscious dress to kill and intellectuals rehearse their conversations in preparation for a date, others turn to cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance and increase their sex appeal. However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of getting plastic surgery, especially not to impress a date. But if you have turned your nose up at cosmetic enhancements for dating purposes in the past, think again. Injectable rhinoplasty, or a “five-minute nose job,” offers an array of benefits that make it the perfect first-date fix for many types of daters.

The Last-Minute Dater

Five-minute nose jobs offer a quick fix, perfect for the last-minute dater. Performed at the office of a qualified cosmetic surgeon, the procedure takes a mere five to fifteen minutes. The treatment provides immediate results and causes no scarring and little to no bruising, swelling, or irritation. You can schedule your date on a Friday morning, have your nose done at lunch, and go out in style by Happy Hour!

The Body-Conscious Dater

For those who are especially appearance-conscious, injectable rhinoplasty can create the illusion of a perfect, shapely nose. By injecting Restylane®, Radiesse®, or another cosmetic filler into the skin surrounding the nose and massaging it into place, a cosmetic surgeon can enlarge bridges and fill in gaps, bumps, and crooked spots, creating the optical illusion of a straight, well-formed nose. Since the treatment achieves immediate, noticeable results with no scarring and little to no irritation, you can make a stellar first impression.

The Closet-Narcissist

Everyone wants to put his or her best face forward on a first date. But some people would rather admit to living in their parents’ basement than confess to primping, much less undergoing cosmetic facial enhancements. The good news for these types of daters – those who primp in secret – is that the materials used in a five-minute nose job allow for a little ethical bending of the truth, since many of these fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the body. You can preserve your image by saying, without lying, that your nose is all-naturally beautiful.

The Non-Committal Dater

Non-committal daters are looking to have the most fun with the least amount of financial and emotional investment. This dating type has a perfect companion in an injectable nose job. Although not inexpensive, the treatment costs a fraction of the price of surgical rhinoplasty, and the results typically last between six months and two years. Therefore, you can get a great nose without breaking your wallet, or your nose, just to impress a date.

The next time you’re facing the prospect of a first date, a five-minute nose job might provide the boost of confidence that you need. Its temporary, low-risk, immediate results make it the perfect accessory to take on your date and shake those first-date jitters, whatever your dating style.

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