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Victoria's Deepest Secret: Implantable Brassieres

Victoria's Deepest Secret: Implantable Brassieres


Attention, ladies: a recent development in cosmetic surgery may give women a way to improve the appearance of their breasts without the need for invasive surgery or conspicuous scarring. An Israeli company called Minimally Invasive Mastopexy, or MIM, has created a silicon bra to be implanted under the skin, known by MIM execs as a “Cup&Up." Secured by straps that wrap around and attach to the ribs and lower abdomen, the Cup&Up internally reshapes, supports, and lifts the breasts. It also prevents future breast sagging, which distinguishes it from traditional methods of breast enhancement.

While upcoming clinical trials on humans will test the Cup&Up’s stability and longevity, only someone with insight into the lives of potential users can estimate the device’s relevance to them. For example, can clinical research determine whether the bra will serve its purpose throughout a real woman’s average day – an eight-hour workday, happy hour, dinner, and a movie, say? How can a woman predict whether an implantable brassiere will exceed the performance of traditional bras? By using the same criteria used to judge any Victoria Secret purchase: comfort, cost, and appearance.

Is It Comfortable?

Comfort, one of the most basic considerations when choosing a bra, would be an even greater concern in buying a bra strapped permanently under the skin. Since a bra must hug the body just so in order to provide the proper support, finding one that fits can be like trying to find a healthy fix for a sweet tooth: necessary, seemingly simple, yet frustratingly next-to-impossible. While lingerie can poke, prod, and constrict, the implantable bra will conform to the body for a virtually undetectable fit with no squeezing, strap marks, underwire poking, or itchy fabrics. Moreover, clinical trials on pigs demonstrated the Cup&Up’s compatibility with body tissues and its ability to stay in place despite jarring and movement.

Is It Cost Effective?

Many women are looking for comfortable undergarments that allow them to look attractive without breaking the bank. Would the Cup&Up fit the bill? Implantable brassieres may be worth the expense, since they would prevent sagging – and the need for more cosmetic surgery – in the future. According to the Cup&Up’s inventor, Dr. Eyal Gur, the device will also “prevent the need for these women to undergo a second invasive procedure," which is common after traditional breast enhancements.

Does It Look Good?

Whether a woman is buying lingerie or undergoing breast enhancement surgery, her aesthetic goal is the same: to have a bustline that looks natural and perky but not artificially inflated. The Cup&Up is designed to provide such results since it supports the natural breast tissue rather than supplementing it. The Cup&Up will help breasts resist the pull of gravity and maintain their youthful appearance, and the minimally invasive procedure is expected to cause minimal scarring.

The verdict? For a long-lasting solution to the effects of age on the bust, the implantable bra may be the way to go.

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