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Rumor Patrol: Can You Increase the Size of Your Breasts with the F-Cup Cookie?

Rumor Patrol: Can You Increase the Size of Your Breasts with the F-Cup Cookie?


A Japanese company introduced a cookie onto the market that is the subject of Internet buzz. Why? Because the makers of the F-Cup cookie claim it can significantly increase breast size. So we had to ask - is it possible to eat your way to F-Cup-sized breasts? DocShop's Rumor Patrol calls this story in for questioning!

The Super-Fantastic F-Cup Cookie

The first question that popped into our minds after reading the F-Cup Cookie blog post: What story did the F-Cup cookie creators cook up and feed to the public to convince us this product actually works?

Here's the story, all precariously rooted in scientific theory. The F-Cup cookie contains 50 mg of pueraria mirifica, an herb said to mirror the effect of estrogen. The F-Cup cookie marketing team stretches this assumption further, claiming the herb can even "bulk up breast tissue."

We decided to meet with DocShop expert Dr. Scott Miller, a San Diego breast augmentation surgeon, to get the real scoop on the F-Cup cookie – and, possibly, to put this rumor to rest.

The Truth – Without the Sugar Coating

"I don’t think you're going to go from an A to an F with the F-Cup cookie," Dr. Miller says.

He notes that there are products that can make breasts larger, adding that women who have taken birth control pills have seen some measure of this effect.

However, relying on hormones as a method of breast augmentation can lead to serious dangers.

"Whether it's in a cookie, or a bottle, or a syringe, estrogen's estrogen," Dr. Miller says. "The bottom line is that you're treating people with estrogen or estrogen look-alikes that are having a chemical effect not just on your breasts but on other systems in your body."

And considering that consumers don't have to seek physician involvement to purchase the cookies, they may not even be aware of the potential risks associated with the cookies' breast enhancing ingredient.

If Something Sounds Too Good to Be True…

"Estrogen at high doses, at the doses that you would need to have a significant breast augmentation from that estrogen, also carries with it significant risks," Dr. Miller stresses. "Risks of blood clots, thrombal phlebitis, pulmonary embolism, and those risks, the risks you read on the bottle of your birth control pill," Dr. Miller warns, "are even greater in the higher dosages that would be required to produce the effect that we're discussing."

If women eat extra cookies, they may see an additional increase in size, but it could be at the expense of their health. And, according to Dr. Miller, women aren't guaranteed an increase in cup size even if they do eat additional cookies.

"How much can you really gain from it and is that really the answer?" Dr. Miller asks. "That's the problem with getting your medical treatment through a cookie… you don't have dosage control and the ability to really be precise as far as what you're getting and how much."

What Happens When You Stop Eating the Cookies?

Many women who experienced an increase in cup size after taking estrogen in birth control pills did not see continued growth when they stop using the pill. Instead, most women's breasts returned to their previous size.

Dr. Miller believes the same concept applies to the F-Cup cookie.

"Eat a bunch of cookies and gain 10 pounds, and your breasts probably will grow," Dr. Miller muses. "You probably don't even need hormones in the cookies. And then you stop eating the cookies and your breasts will get smaller again."

Dr. Miller also says a "deflationary effect" can occur if the breasts increase, then decrease, in size. This weight loss in the breasts can lead to increased skin laxity.

"When you start eating the F-Cup cookie, are you dooming yourself to continue to eat the cookie or else you'll be condemned to drooping or, you know, sagging breasts?" Dr. Miller asks, making a visible effort to control his smile. "All these things need to be things that somebody thinks about before they start moving away from Chips Ahoy and over to the F-Cup cookie."

And the Rumor Patrol Verdict Is…

After calling this story in for questioning and meeting with our expert, Dr. Scott Miller, the DocShop Rumor Patrol team has found the makers of the F-Cup cookie guilty of false advertising!

"I think for a woman who is interested in increasing her cup size, she needs to have a consultation with an ethical, board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss what the various options are," Dr. Miller advises.

After all, surgical breast augmentation remains the only permanent, effective treatment to increase bust size.

"At the end of the day, it delivers on its promise, which is more than you can say for the F-Cup cookie… and all the other pretenders that didn't pan out for people. It's not that every woman should have a breast augmentation or needs a breast augmentation," Dr. Miller says, "but if you're going to do it you should do it right."

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