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Is Eye Strain Keeping You from Computing at High Speed? Seven Symptoms You Should Watch Out For

Is Eye Strain Keeping You from Computing at High Speed? Seven Symptoms You Should Watch Out For


With millions of Americans spending 40-plus hours a week scrutinizing a computer screen, it’s likely that many of us are straining our eyes at this very moment. So let’s get to the point - do your eyes suffer from computer eye strain?

1) Headaches and/or Sore Necks during or after Use of Computers

You can say goodbye to your daily regimen of ibuprofen - because it’s not the only answer to those nagging headaches. Resting your eyes by looking away from the computer screen every couple of hours can also provide headache relief.

2) Irritated, Burning, Watery, or Dry Eyes

These annoying symptoms can be the cause of a number of vision problems. However, if these problems persist and you are a frequent computer-user, computer vision syndrome (CVS) may be the cause.

3) Difficulty Focusing on Distance Vision after Computer Use

Difficulty seeing distant objects following extended use of a computer is typically a clear indicator of computer eye strain. On the same note...

4) Problems Shifting Focus between the Computer and Near Objects

Some sufferers of computer eye strain experience a delay in their ability to refocus on near objects, such as papers and other material on their desks.

5) Blurred and/or Doubled Vision

Blurry and double vision are among the most common signs of computer eye strain. Try eliminating reflections on your monitor with an anti-glare computer screen to prevent the occurrence of these symptoms.

6) Increased Sensitivity to Light

Sensitivity to light can indicate a number of possible vision problems. But if this problem is at its peak immediately following computer use, it could be a function of CVS.

7) Changes in Color Perception

Changes in color perception after spending hours in front of the computer can be a sign of vision problems. If this becomes a problem, you may want to meet with an eye care specialist to find out if you suffer from CVS.

Have you detected a link between the occurrence of these eye strain symptoms and your computer use? Then schedule an appointment with a local ophthalmologist who can advise you about computer eye strain prevention and treatment.

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