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Seven Health and Fitness Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Man

Seven Health and Fitness Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Man


If you’re getting tired of giving the man in your life traditional holiday gifts like ties, DVDs, and calendars year after year, why not try one of DocShop’s seven suggestions for gifts that can keep him healthy, happy, and looking great well into the new year:

Subscription to a Health Magazine for Men

Magazine subscriptions are relatively cheap, and they truly are the gifts that keep on giving. Spice up his magazine rack with some health magazines targeted for men. Many of these titles offer great tips on keeping fit and eating healthy, as well as detailed workout routines and cultural advice. Some of the most popular magazines of this type are:


  • Men's Health
  • Men's Fitness
  • Muscle and Fitness
  • Men's Journal


Spa Treatments Such as a Massage or Facial

Salon/spa appointments can de-stress your man and have him feeling and looking better than ever. He may do a double take when he receives a gift certificate with the word "salon" printed on it, but after he decides that he doesn’t want to waste a perfectly good gift, he may end up exposing himself to a whole new world. Many spas and salons offer one-hour sessions to full-day courses that include just about every relaxation and beauty treatment you can think of. Skin exfoliation, deep-cleansing massages, and manicures are the norm. Even though it all may sound a little frou-frou to him at first, who doesn't love being pampered for an hour or two?

iPod® / iPhone® and Other Electronics/Equipment

Working out can be even more fun if you're listening to music or watching your favorite show while traipsing along on the elliptical. And, after all, men love their gadgets. Apple has a number of new options with the iPod® and iPhone®, including a re-tooled iPod® nano® that carries 8 gigs of memory with video capabilities, selling for $149. Other items include:


  • Digital pedometer – this handy little device can measure walking distance and calories burned among other functions. Works great for workouts and jogs, and many models come with an FM radio receiver.
  • Wireless cell-phone headsets (i.e. Bluetooth®, etc.) – the guy on the go can now talk on the phone and stroll the treadmill at the same time.
  • Portable workout equipment – easy-to-assemble and even easier-to-use at-home equipment like chin-up bars and ab-crunchers are relatively cheap and are good for the guy who travels a lot, as well as those who don't have much time to spend at a regular gym.


Workout Gear

Your guy may already be an avid exerciser, so some helpful and trendy workout gear may be a welcome surprise. Some interesting new items this year include:

Nike® + iPod® Sports Kit – some Nike® running shoes are now built with a pocket in the insole designed to house a sensor that relays information to your iPod® nano®. Time, calories burned, pace, and distance are wirelessly tracked, and you can even choose a spoken feedback option to give you progress alerts during your workout.

Exercise belt – a must-have for the guy who weight-trains, an exercise belt (or "weightlifting belt") can keep the back from hyperextending and provide more support to the upper body. Just make sure he's using it correctly; some experts warn that excessive or improper use of exercise belts can cause high blood pressure and weaken the abdominal muscles.

Clothes/shoes/accessories – muscle tees, gym pants, and pull-overs can make your husband or boyfriend the object of envy at the fitness center. For the runner in the family, some comfortable and effective gym or running shoes may be just what he needs. And accessories like mp3 arm-straps and compartmental gym bags are not only useful; they can be very trendy as well.

Gift Certificates for a Personal Trainer, Sporting Sessions, or Weight Loss Boot Camp

You can buy gift certificates for just about anything these days, and helping your man whip himself into shape is no exception. Some ideas:


  • Personal trainer - this will help him get into an individualized workout routine that will better allow him to achieve the results he desires.



  • Sporting sessions - tennis or boxing lessons might be an ideal gift for the guy who needs to work off stress or is looking to become the next Roger Federer or Rocky Balboa.



  • Weight loss boot camp – programs like these can help him lose those holiday pounds and establish long-term health and fitness routines.


Sports Paraphernalia

Odds are, you know what your significant other likes and doesn't like in the sports category. If he's an avid basketball player, some new shoes may be in order. The constant golfer can always use some new golf balls or gloves, or even a whole new set of clubs (pricey, but they may be the key to his heart). Or, if he's been talking about joining a local softball, baseball, or soccer league, there's a host of items that he may be in need of, such as a new mitt or a practice goal.

Health Cookbooks

Lots of men like to cook, particularly on the backyard grill. Slip in a few health-conscious ideas this year by giving him a healthy grilling cookbook. A quick search at or your local bookstore can give you a ton of suggestions on quality recipes that translate to healthy and tasty eating. Along those same lines, Sur la Table has a variety of tools and grilling options that are designed for the healthy-minded chef, which could be a great gift for the Bobby Flay in your life who wants to try something new.

Hope these help! And have a happy – and healthy – holiday season!

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