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Choose the Gender of Your Baby with These Six Tricks - Old Wives' Tales on Pregnancy

Choose the Gender of Your Baby with These Six Tricks - Old Wives' Tales on Pregnancy


So, you are ready to get pregnant but have a preferred specification for the gender of the baby. Sure, there are scientifically proven gender selection treatments available to you and your partner, including sperm sorting and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, but perhaps you're looking for an easier way to predestine the sex of your baby.

Tips from the Wives of Past

Old wives' tales about pregnancy have been around for dozens, and in some cases hundreds, of years. Millions of women throughout the world have tried these methods for themselves, and some have even claimed that they worked. Whether you've had three girls and this is your last attempt at having a boy, or it's your first time trying, here are some of the most enduring tips from the wives of the past.

It's a Boy!

If you and your partner are hoping for a boy, here are a few tricks you can try:

1) One of the most well-known old wives' tales about the gender of the baby says that women should eat salty foods prior to conception – think pretzels, pickles, and processed foods.

2) Clearly, the old wives didn't have a healthy diet in mind when they came up with this trick; they believed a diet that includes an abundance of red meat can help a woman conceive a baby boy.

3) Most people sleep on a certain side of the bed out of preference – not to increase their chances of an XY pairing – but the old wives said that women should sleep to the left of their partners if they want a boy.

4) Lying in bed for a few extra minutes after sex not only allows you to savor the moment, but according to the old wives it may also increase your chances of having a boy.

5) According to old wives, the best sexual position to engage in if you want a boy is doggy-style.

6) The old wives' final tip on boosting your chances of having a boy: allow the man to climax first during sex.

It's a Girl!

Old wives' tales on pregnancy also offer tricks for couples who want a girl:

1) Women who love chocolate, cookies, and other sugary foods will appreciate this one – the old wives believed you should consume sweet foods before conceiving if you are hoping for a girl.

2) It seems the old wives served up more healthy tips for couples wanting a girl than those wanting a boy; they said both the mom and dad should eat plenty of fish and veggies prior to conception.

3) Women who sleep to the right of their partners are already increasing their chances of a double X pairing, according to the old wives.

4) The old wives believed that making time for some afternoon delight can increase your chances of having a baby girl.

5) The old wives' advice on making baby girls during sex: use the missionary position.

6) And the final tip from the old wives for having a baby girl is that the man should be the most active, allowing the woman to orgasm first.

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