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10 Things You Never Want Your Doctor to Say

10 Things You Never Want Your Doctor to Say


For some of us, a visit to the doctor is a pretty stressful ordeal. With their years and years of medical training, some doctors aren't very mindful of how something might be perceived by a patient with less knowledge. This leads to some pretty horrific-sounding statements about the condition of one's health and well-being! In this article, we'll run down 10 of the most fear-inducing things a doctor can say to a patient. If you hear any of them, your doctor have to add a case of rising blood pressure to your medical files!

1) "I don't exactly know how to say this..."

What could possibly be worse than this after an MRI or bloodwork session? No matter what the news actually is, prefacing it with that paints a very ominous, forboding picture in the patient's mind. It's pretty safe to say that no one ever felt reassured after hearing it!

2) "Never in my 25 years of practicing medicine have I seen..."

As human beings we crave certainty and predictability, so few utterances could be more devastating than this! If a doctor encounters something he's never seen or heard of before, our natural reaction is worry and dread.

3) "This was very unexpected..."

Consider this response a more severe version of number 2. Unexpected equals awful in the minds of most patients, so worry and dread is the result here as well. Immediately, the patient's mind begins racing through all of the disastrous possibilities that may ensure, long before the doctor even finishes what he was trying to say.

4) "Well I'll tell ya, it sure is a shame that we didn't detect this earlier..."

The evil of this statement is that horrendous vision of the future that it creates. After all, if it's a shame that something was not detected earlier, that can only portend terrible sacrifices in the future to salvage what's left of you before whatever is wrong kicks in for real.

5) "There's simply no way around this..."

Without going any further, these six words send the message that something very unpleasant and painful is right around the corner. Furthermore, the doctor is coming right off the bat and saying that there is no other way to go. It's one of those things that you really cannot put a positive spin on, no matter how hard you try.

6) "We're gonna have to operate..."

In a similar vein of inescapably bad news, this statement is feared by all but the most stoic and brave patients. Word of an operation is a stressful event no matter how you slice it, and there are few worse ways to hear it than this!

7) "Alright, drop your pants!"

Virtually every male living in civil society has heard these four bone-chilling words from his doctor. Be it during high school or well into middle age, the prospect of the proverbial physical exam is enough to make all but the most dogmatically tough men wish they were doing household chores instead!

8) "It's moments like these that define who we really are..."

No doctor would say this unless he were about to pronounce a devastating verdict upon one's health. If he is trying to summon your inner courage before he even tells you what's wrong, you can safely assume that something very bad is about to be revealed!

9) "Now before I give you the results, I should tell you that physical therapy has made some incredible advances..."

This is something you don't want to hear for a similar reason. If you need to hear words of encouragement before you even know what the test results are, it's tough to imagine anything approaching good news!

10) "I felt something..."

If you hear these words after a colonoscopy or breast exam, you might be tempted to faint. "I felt something" is a precusor to some of the worst news a doctor can deliver, but fear not: sometimes, what he felt is a benign tumor or other non-malignant mass. So keep hope!

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