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Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life


Ladies, let’s be honest. What guy is dying to get yet another pair of silk boxers with hearts on them? Instead of getting your man some cheesy trinket this Valentine’s Day, why not get him something he will really appreciate and actually use? While you’re at it, consider giving him a gift that will not only make him happy, but also enhance his health and self-image. We here at DocShop have come up with some great gifts for the guy in your life that won’t end up in that box at the back of his closet.

Make Working Out Fun with Nintendo Wii

Tell me, would your man not think you were the coolest lady ever if he opened a brand new Nintendo Wii this February 14 th? I know what you’re thinking: you have spent years trying to free your man from the vices of video games…what on earth could make you want to reawaken the beast? Glad you asked. Not only will this score you some major bonus points with his friends, but this gift could actually become the basis of heart-healthy bonding between the two of you.

Instead of sitting around watching Love Story for the millionth time this Valentine’s Day, you and your honey could be working up a sweat together and having a great time playing a fierce game of tennis, bowling, or any of the other sports games offered by Nintendo Wii. And the best part is, you will be burning mega calories while you do it!

Sexy Back: Laser Hair Removal

Okay, this gift will require major tact on the part of the giver, but if delivered in the right manner, it could bring happiness to both of you. Why not treat your man to a session of laser hair removal? You know he is secretly self-conscious about that rug that grows on his back and leaves little spider legs sticking up around his collar! Once he overcomes the dent to his machismo, your man will love the smooth look and feel of his skin after all that hair is removed. Plus, who are we kidding? That fuzz can be a serious turn-off for you. Even if your man is not overjoyed by his new, non-caveman look at first, he certainly will be by your reaction to seeing his true hotness unveiled for the first time.

King for a Night

So your man may not be totally thrilled by the idea of spending a day at the spa…but what if you brought the spa to him? Any man would love an evening of pampering at the hands of his lovely lady. You could pick up some fancy facial treatments, lotions, and massage oils, and then have your man relax while you scrub, buff, and rub away his stresses. Not only will you enjoy an evening of romantic bonding with your guy, but he may actually come out of the experience looking refreshed and relaxed – and hotter than ever.

More Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

  • The bodybugg® arm band will allow your man to monitor his diet and fitness routines – and there are less expensive versions of this device on the market.
  • Stability ball for a more focused workout
  • philosophy® skin care kit for men
  • At-home teeth whitening kit

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