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Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Show Her How Much You Care

Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Show Her How Much You Care


Gentlemen, we sincerely appreciate the chocolates you give us as a romantic (though not entirely original or inspired) valentine. However, while we do love the sugar rush, I must admit that staring a heart-shaped box of cellulite in the face every year fills me with a certain sense of panic. Do I eat the treats my sweet has lovingly supplied, or do I listen to my inner Richard Simmons and toss it out with the candy that is still left from my Christmas stocking?

Invariably, I opt for the former, and then comes the guilt to which I will certainly succumb once I have eaten the entire box (or at least the ones that pass the mini-bite test) in one sitting. Instead of giving your honey a box of chocolaty guilt this year, why not get her something that will actually help her feel better about herself?

Boost Her Workout with Cellulite-Burning Shoes

If the traditionalist in you forces you to give your lady the token box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, you could at least take care of that nasty guilt she will probably be feeling once there is nothing left in the box but those crinkly little paper cups. What if you included in your valentine card a proposition…to work out together?

You could even give your lady a pair of those new cellulite-burning shoes that are taking Hollywood by storm. These shoes have heavier soles than your normal kicks, so the person wearing them burns extra calories while he or she is walking. Plus, the soles of the shoes are angled in such a way to add greater resistance to those tricky butt and thigh muscles, giving your workout much more punch. Okay, so these shoes aren’t the cutest things on the market, but if you buy yourself a pair too, your girl may get excited about the idea of taking long, romantic, butt-kicking walks together.

Reward the Smile You Love with Teeth Whitening

How often do you tell your sweetheart that you love to see her smile? Not only does her brilliant smile illuminate the beautiful features on her face, but it shows that you have made her happy, which should be the goal of any devoted lover. This year, why not give your lady love the gift that will keep her smiling—brilliantly—all year long?

With just one session of laser teeth whitening, your honey’s smile could become up to ten shades brighter. As with any gift that can be used to enhance beauty, you need to word this one delicately. Don’t focus on how your girl’s teeth are less than perfect, dingy, or dirty-looking. Instead, say something like, “Honey, seeing you smile brings such joy to my heart. With all you do for me, I thought this Valentine’s Day I could give a little something back to the smile I love above all others.” Honestly, if you lay the flattery on thickly enough, you may both get a super-special gift this Valentine’s Day…

Turn Up the Heat with a Couple’s Spa Day

Guys, you know your ladies want this one! What girl can resist a day of pampering, massage, and facials? Seriously, this is an easy ace for you. This year, try upping the ante and splurging on a couple’s day at the spa.

Most day spas offer packages specifically designed for men. While a spa day may sound too girly for you, I encourage you to think back on that last evening when you decided to trade back rubs with your honey. You must know this is a brutal trap—I, for one, always coyly ask my man to give me the first massage and then conveniently fall asleep before it is my turn to reciprocate. And even if you do get that rare winner of a girl who is selfless enough to offer you the first rub down, or to stay awake when it’s her turn to be the masseuse, some small part of you must admit that no massage by an amateur is ever really enough.

If you haven’t sampled the sheer joy that is a professional massage, you are in for a rare treat. Plus, in addition to a massage, you can also get a clarifying facial to illuminate your boyish good looks. You will come out of the experience relaxed, refreshed, and the undeniable hero of your lady’s life. Your girl will be flattered that you came up with such a romantic, thoughtful idea. Plus, she will love that you are confident enough in your masculinity to share this indulgence with her. You really can’t lose with this one.

More Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Don’t think the gifts mentioned above are right for your girl? Then try one of these ideas instead!

  • Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood gift certificate to help you and your woman heat up the night
  • Yoga or Pilates sessions or gift certificate
  • Professional skin care products – cleansers, lotions, exfoliants, etc. Check out DocShop's DermShop for great Valentine's Day gift ideas.
  • Aromatherapy treatment sessions
  • Aromatherapy candles

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