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Fertility and Finances

Fertility and Finances


The findings of a recent study of lap dancers conducted at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque presented some data that has lead many to believe that women go into estrus, a period of increased sexual arousal, each month.

When the scientists compared the earnings of dancers who were regularly taking hormone-based oral contraceptives with those who were not, both earned similar amounts of tips during non-fertile periods of their menstrual cycle. 

However, when the naturally-cycling dancers entered their fertile ovulation periods, the data compiled in the study showed that they made an average of $15 an hour more than their non-ovulating colleagues. 

Additionally, the study found that dancers who were currently menstruating earned an average of $15 an hour less than women elsewhere in their cycles.

Everything You Know about Dating Could Be Wrong

The implications of the study's findings could be revolutionary.  Most mammals go into estrus during fertile periods and communicate this to potential suitors by giving off clear signs, such as the yowling of a cat in heat or the swelling red buttocks of certain primates, but currently it is commonly accepted that humans do not have estrus cycles. 

However, other studies seem to correlate the UNM findings, suggesting that whether consciously or not, women tend to dress more attractively during fertile periods and are more receptive to sexual advances during these times, further confirming the possible existence of human estrus.

The results of these studies seem to blur the lines between humans and other primates, opening up many lines of speculation.  If human estrus exists, its signs are certainly relatively subtle compared to those of other primates.  Nevertheless, if its existence can be proven and quantified, it may effectively unshroud at least a few of the many mysteries surrounding the human mating and dating process. 

While it may be too much to ask for a man to be able to walk into a bar and simply pinpoint women who are yowling like cats in heat or sporting enlarged, reddened derrieres, being cued into whatever signposts human estrus provides would definitely provide a leg up to would-be lotharios on the prowl. 

Conversely, women might do well to reconsider their actions at certain times knowing that their strong feelings of attraction may simply be their hormones talking, thereby thwarting those same lotharios.

Get That Promotion by Asking at the Right Time of the Month

Confirmation of human estrus would also have ramifications stretching far beyond the dating sphere as well.  Should women working in sales eschew the use of birth control that would suppress ovulation, or take their vacation days during less-lucrative menstruation periods?  Should women time important requests at work such as asking for a raise or promotion for their fertile times?  And should men be wary of their own reactions to partners' requests during these times? 

At this time, it should be emphasized that these studies are still preliminary, and human estrus has not yet been confirmed, so don't go changing those vacation requests quite yet, ladies.  However, should the existence of human estrus be proven, watch out - we could well see a revolutionary redrawing of the battle lines in the eternal war of the sexes.

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