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Worst Female Plastic Surgery Makeovers of the 80s, 90s, and 00s

Worst Female Plastic Surgery Makeovers of the 80s, 90s, and 00s


Sure, cosmetic surgery techniques have progressed over the decades. But bad plastic surgery still occurs. Here's a look at the most awful female plastic surgery makeovers of the last three decades.

Ladies of the 1980s

#5: Jennifer Grey

Procedure of Choice: Nose job
Problem: The procedure left her unrecognizable despite starring as the adorably charming "Baby" in the late-80s hit, Dirty Dancing.

#4: Cher

Procedures of Choice: Facelift, nose job, breast augmentation, porcelain veneers
Problem: While she looks good for her age, all the cosmetic treatments she has undergone are incredibly O-B-V. If only she could turn back time...

#3: Joan Rivers

Procedures of Choice: All
Problem: She is one of the first celebrities known to have had an "extreme makeover" and she hasn't stopped undergoing plastic surgery since.

#2: Latoya Jackson

Procedures of Choice: All
Problem: Her plastic surgery addiction just makes her seem even crazier.

#1: Jocelyn Wildenstein

Procedures of Choice: All
Problem: She has spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to make herself resemble a cat. And that is why she is a celebrity.

Women of the 1990s

#5: Jenna Jameson

Procedure of Choice: Extra large breast implants
Problem: She went XXX overboard.

#4: Tori Spelling

Procedures of Choice: Nose job, breast augmentation
Problem: While the nose job isn't so bad, the gaping hole in her chest almost got her more bad press than the "acting" skills she displayed playing Donna on Beverly Hills, 90210.

#3: Melanie Griffith

Procedures of Choice: Lip augmentation, face lift
Problem: She looked better when Harry met Sally.

#2: Donatella Versace

Procedures of Choice: Facelift, extreme lip augmentation
Problem: She looks like one of the women in Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video.

#1: Lil' Kim

Procedures of Choice: Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, skin lightening
Problem: La Bella Mafia? Not anymore!

The Tabloid Trendsetters of the 2000s

#5: Jessica Simpson

Procedures of Choice: Restylane® injections to the lips, an alleged breast augmentation and breast revision procedure
Problem: She looks waaay overdone.

#4: Victoria Beckham

Procedures of Choice: Breast implants
Problem: It's hard to tell that the implants are actually beneath the skin.

#3: Tara Reid

Procedures of Choice: Breast lift with implants, liposuction
Problem: Where do we start?

#2: Fergie

Procedures of Choice: Alleged breast, cheek, and lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty
Problem: She denies that she has ever undergone plastic surgery - clearly she wants us all to believe her lovely lady lumps are the real deal.

#1: Courtney Love

Procedures of Choice: Breast implants, nose job, alleged weight loss surgery
Problem: After her first cosmetic surgery makeover in the 1990s, Love looked relatively healthy and pulled together. Since then she has gained weight, reportedly abused drugs, and underwent additional cosmetic procedures.

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