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Best Celebrity Breasts By Cup-Size

Best Celebrity Breasts By Cup-Size


Best A-Cups

3. Keira Knightley

Not one to increase California's "inflation" rate, Keira Knightley has maintained moderately flat growth since hitting it big in Hollywood with the Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters.

Verdict: Real or Fake? Real - unless they implanted a pea!

2. Cameron Diaz

A blonde with big boobs? That's too cliché for classy Cameron.

Verdict: Real or Fake? It's totally O-B-V. They're real.

1. Natalie Portman

My number one pick is one natural beauty. And by shaving her head for her role in V for Vendetta, she showed the world that she is not afraid to challenge Hollywood standards of beauty.

Verdict: Real or Fake? After watching her on the big screen since her early teens, I'm pretty sure Portman is sporting the real deal.

Best B-Cups

4. Katie Holmes

Admittedly, her association with Tom Cruise bumped her down the list. But I still have to admit that her frame is sveltely proportional.

Verdict: Real or Fake? If Tom thinks psychiatric medications are evil, I'm thinking there is no way he would agree with what is essentially the implantation of silicone-stuffed sacks.

3. Jessica Alba

From a hip hop dancer in Honey to the only female member of a superhero team, Jessica Alba's Fantastic Pair seem to have remained unchanged - until she got preggers that is!

Verdict: Real or Fake? She may not want to be called Latina, but she should proudly credit those genes for her famous figure.

2. Jennifer Aniston

The triple-D craze of the 1990s finally began to deflate in popularity after men and women became obsessed with Aniston's natural, teardrop-shaped breasts.

Verdict: Real or Fake? Her breast shape and size has led many women to opt for smaller, more elegantly contoured implants instead of larger, more rounded implants. But considering how perfect her bust is, it kind of makes me wonder if it really is au naturale...

1. Lucy Liu

As a stealthy assassin who moves, kills, preens, and lives exotically in Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Lucy Liu exudes a sex appeal you simply cannot buy.

Verdict: Real or Fake? She looks the same as she did back in the Ally McBeal days. I'm going with real.

Best C-Cups

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt

She's been on best breast lists for more than a decade. Men and women still love her. For those reasons, she deserves to be included here.

Verdict: Real or Fake? She's been busty since the Party of Five days, which makes me think hers are real.

4. Angelina Jolie

In order to steal - er, claim - a spot next to Brad Pitt, one must have a great set to work with. Enter Angelina Jolie.

Verdict: Real or Fake? Considering that her breasts remained full and pert after this A-lister lost some poundage, I'm guessing she has had implants placed or a lift at some point - maybe even both.

3. Katherine Heigl

I remember watching Heigl in My Father, the Hero, with Gerard Depardieu, when I was in my early teens. At the time, Heigl already looked older than she was. But she definitely wasn't boasting the bountiful bust that she is today.

Verdict: Real or Fake? Granted, Heigl was only about 16 when she filmed My Father, the Hero. But when she starred in the Bride of Chucky a few years later, things still didn't look quite as robust as they do now.

2. Scarlett Johansson

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi famously squeezed Johansson's right breast during E! Entertainment's live red carpet coverage of the 2006 Golden Globes ceremony. And she is such a good sport, she actually let him!

Verdict: Real or Fake? Scarlett is another actress who has been in the industry since she was a child; from The Horse Whisperer to Eight Legged Freaks and Lost in Translation, it looks like her growth has been natural.

1. Eva Mendes

This one was quite the puzzle for me. Because she didn't really get started in the biz until 1998, I couldn't find any evidence of a sudden enlargement. Either way, she gets my vote for the best C-cups.

Verdict: Real or Fake? They look like they could be real to me.

Best D-Cups... and then some

5. Kim Kardashian

Her recent rise to fame was almost as well-deserved as Paris Hilton's. And like the hotel heiress, Miss Kardashian seems to enjoy letting the world see her goods.

Verdict: Real or Fake? My guess, you ask? Ass is real, boobs are fake.

4. Salma Hayek

She has been a favorite among men since her breakout role as Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn

Verdict: Real or Fake? There is no doubt in my mind that they are real.

3. Jennifer Connelly

She may not be the first celeb that pops into your mind when choosing celebrities who have the best breasts. But after scrutinizing dozens of famous "twins," it was clear she deserved to be on the list.

Verdict: Real or Fake? Rumor has it that Connelly actually underwent breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of her breasts.

2. Heidi Klum

The Victoria's Secret model has been strutting her way into men's fantasies since the 1990s. And there she remains...

Verdict: Real or Fake? I refuse to let the fantasy die for men worldwide - I think they're real.

1. Halle Berry

Everyone loves Halle - She has gorgeous skin and a perfect body.  Why wouldn't she be at the top of our list?

Verdict: Real or Fake? I hate to say it, but I think she has to have had some kind of work done to keep them that plump and perky all these years.

Think we got it all wrong? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below!

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