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From the Tudor to the Hollywood Court - Celeb Infertility Rumors

From the Tudor to the Hollywood Court - Celeb Infertility Rumors


History saw some of the English court's most noble women fall from grace as a result of their inability to birth strong men for their country. These women's failure to provide an heir sealed their barren fates, as miscarriages, still births, and the delivery of baby girls became perceived as ominous signs descending from God.

Indeed, the aging Queen Katherine of Aragon was cast aside and banished from court by her own husband after she was unable to provide him an heir to the throne. Hungry with his own desire to have a son, King Henry VIII went against the wishes of the Pope and Catholic Church and secured an annulment from the queen.

The king was besotted by Anne Boleyn's youthfulness and talent when he began courting her at the end of his marriage to Queen Katherine; yet, King Henry had Queen Anne beheaded on charges of witchcraft, treason, adultery, and incest just a few years later, after she was also unable to bear him a son.

Yes, in the days of the Tudors, a woman's fate could rest solely upon her ability to birth a son. Through the centuries, the countrymen and women scrutinized the royal court, wondering when each king would produce an heir.

Today, the Hollywood court is put in the same position as yesteryear’s royalty. We no longer send women away after idle accusations of sterility are waged, of course. But we do heap scorn on some of our most beloved female celebrities, claiming they have undergone fertility treatments whether they admit it or not.

An Heir-Hungry World

Some of today's most popular celebrity entertainment news and blog fodder includes pregnancy speculation based on what certain starlets are wearing, the possible appearance of a bun on the oven, and what they are eating and (not) drinking.

Further, it's not enough for the public to simply know that a celebrity is pregnant. We want famous people to open up about every intimate detail relating to their pregnancies – including how, exactly, the baby was conceived.

Because, as thousands of American men and women who suffer infertility problems know, getting pregnant is not always that easy. And when women who are over the age of 35 (and have spoken publicly for years about their desire to have children) become pregnant, the public often suspects them of undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF or fertility drugs to conceive. Some of America's biggest stars are among them.

Jennifer Lopez

Ever since the former JLo announced that she was pregnant with husband Marc Anthony, the public has speculated that the couple used fertility treatments to help them conceive.

Rumored Treatment: IVF

Age at Birth: 38

Delivered: Twins, a boy and a girl

Nicole Kidman

She famously adopted two children with Tom Cruise, and then suffered a miscarriage toward the end of their marriage. She is now pregnant with husband Keith Urban.

Rumored Treatment: The fertility drug Clomid®

Age while Pregnant: 40

Due: Mid-2008

Halle Berry

After two previous marriages during which she did not have children, Berry conceived with model-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

Rumored Treatment: IVF

Age at Birth: 41

Delivered: A daughter

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is known for her acting skills, sexy accent, sultry good looks, and voluptuous body. But after being spotted at an L.A.-area fertility clinic, she has also become known as a celebrity mom rumored to have undergone fertility treatment.

Rumored Treatment: IVF

Age at Birth: 41

Delivered: A daughter

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker spoke openly about how much she loved being pregnant with her first son, James. Yet, she has not conceived another child with husband Matthew Broderick since their son was born in 2002, sparking rumors that the couple suffers fertility problems.

Rumored Treatment: Fertility drugs

Age at Birth: 37

Delivered: A son

The Truth May Never Be Known…

Unlike some celebrities who have admitted undergoing fertility treatment, the superstars mentioned above prefer to keep the intimate details of their children's conception to themselves.

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