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BOTOX® Bars, Beauty, and Booze - Social Lubricant or Indecent Proposal?

BOTOX® Bars, Beauty, and Booze - Social Lubricant or Indecent Proposal?


Most of us like to go to a good party. Personally, there are few things I enjoy more than changing out of my work clothes, going with friends to enjoy a drink or two, and… having an injection shot into my face?

Currently, BOTOX® injections are among the quickest and most popular ways to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In recent years, however, many BOTOX® patients have turned an unusual setting for treatment: parties at bars, private residences, and doctors’ offices. The injections are, in many ways, the perfect treatment for a plastic surgery party; they require just a quick injection, provide instant results, and typically involve little risk. Accordingly, “BOTOX® parties” are quickly becoming all the rage around the globe:

  • New York, New York: New York BOTOX® beauties are convening for “Flaunt It!” events, where they show off the results of their injections and other cosmetic procedures.
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait: The Villa Moda, a 100,000-square-foot luxury boutique on the outskirts of Kuwait City, features a BOTOX® bar in addition to other attractions.
  • Mumbai, India: Mumbai’s Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital recently opened its “ BOTOX® Lounge,” designed to entice the public to undergo non-surgical cosmetic treatments in a sterile yet posh hospital environment.

Proponents of BOTOX® parties claim that these soirees allow participants to have their wrinkles erased in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere without the stigma often associated with cosmetic surgery. According to Hollywood plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, BOTOX® parties are “a great way for people to meet each other, and it’s a comfortable way for patients to get BOTOX® [injections].” Meanwhile, BOTOX® parties draw business to the plastic surgery industry and to local bars and clubs hosting the events. No harm done, right?

Putting Patients at Risk?

Of course, not everyone agrees that no harm is being done. Some members of the plastic surgery community have raised concerns about the parties. Among them is Dr. Patricia Wexler, who has been providing BOTOX® injections for more than a decade to patients such as Joan Rivers. In a report on CBS’s The Early Show, Dr. Wexler asserted that BOTOX® parties are inappropriate; she claimed that they trivialize the procedure (and cosmetic surgery in general) and that they use people’s participation as a marketing tool, violating participants’ right to privacy. Further, she contends that BOTOX® parties are unsanitary, allow unqualified persons to administer the injections, and sometimes involve the use of “fake” or undiluted BOTOX® Cosmetic.

To Inject or Not to Inject – Is That the Question?

One of the greatest risks of any debate, – whether over BOTOX® Cosmetic or another plastic surgery procedure, is that the object of the debate can become falsely perceived. In reality, although the safety of BOTOX® parties is questionable, the injection itself is actually quite safe. Patients considering BOTOX® injections – at a bar, house party, or medical facility – should research the risks and benefits of the treatment and get their information from an unbiased source.

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