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Real or Rumor? Celebrity Pregnancies

Real or Rumor? Celebrity Pregnancies


Unless you live in a cabin deep in the woods, grow your own food to avoid the tabloids that beckon from grocery-store check-out counters, and watch only PBS, there is no escaping the undying question: "Is she or isn't she?"



Amy Poehler

From on-screen surrogate to real-life Baby Mama, Amy Poehler and her husband, Will Arnett, are expecting their first child this fall, according to People Magazine. Poehler's pregnancy coincides with her recent box-office success and the recent debut of her other baby — a Nickelodeon cartoon called The Mighty B, which she not only writes, but also produces and provides the voice for the title character.

Eva Longoria

At the CFDA Awards, Longoria appeared in a snug, vivid pink dress that some are saying revealed more than just cleavage. Earlier this year, the Desperate Housewives star squashed pregnancy rumors, claiming that she was merely bloated. While we commend Longoria's refreshing honesty, we think that Pepto-Bismol® pink may have proven itself better on the red carpet than that unfortunate fuchsia frock.

Michelle Monaghan

The Made of Honor star's male fans may mourn, but Monaghan and hubby, Peter White, are happy to report that their first child is due sometime this fall. Monaghan's new film, Eagle Eye, which costars Shia LaBoeuf of the new Indiana Jones movie, is also due this fall.

Jessica Biel

Not only are Biel and boyfriend Justin Timberlake getting engaged, according to celebrity gossip rag The Sun, but she may be pregnant. A source claims that the former 7th Heaven darling has recently been avoiding alcohol. For now, however, this report is just a rumor.

Ashlee Simpson

Prior to their nuptials, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz denied rumors that his glowing bride-to-be was pregnant. Wentz has since explained on his blog — — that the couple wanted to wait until after the first trimester to announce their impending baby bliss, a decision, he told, that should be every woman's right.

Paris Hilton

It seems Longoria's wasn't the only fashion flub to spawn baby rumors. A green satin dress Hilton recently wore during a night on the town fueled speculation that the heiress was pregnant. Hilton has since set the record straight to US Magazine, saying that while she wants to have children someday, she is not currently expecting.

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