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The Eyes Have It - Most Commonly Requested Celebrity Eyes

The Eyes Have It - Most Commonly Requested Celebrity Eyes


Since certain celebrities are so well known for their “body of work” (for example, Angelina’s lips, Ashlee’s nose, and J-Lo’s butt), it should come as no surprise that cosmetic surgeons are being inundated with patients requesting their own set of “Usher Abs” or “Scarlett Breasts.” (Personally, I would walk in and demand a replication of Jessica Alba’s entire body. Pre-pregnancy, please.) These petitions are so common, that a few cosmetic surgeons have started to tally up the requests they get to recreate a certain celebrity body part. DocShop reviews the results for most commonly requested celebrity eyes, and adds some personal favorites.

Most Requested Eyes at the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Office

Megan Fox

Megan’s eyes are more intoxicating than a double Long Island Iced Tea on an empty stomach. It’s no wonder women everywhere are asking their plastic surgeons to “transform” their eyes into a pair resembling Megan’s sultry peepers.

Daniel Craig

Watching Daniel’s debut as the latest James Bond was quite a visually overwhelming experience; his icy blue orbs had me completely captivated…and when I say “captivated,” I really mean “openly drooling on myself in the movie theatre.” Men everywhere apparently agree!

Ellen Pompeo

The casting directors of Grey’s Anatomy made a smart choice picking Ellen to play surgical resident Meredith Grey on the hit television dramedy. Even when the rest of her face is covered by a surgical mask, Ellen’s eyes can still express considerable emotion while gazing at her love interest Dr. Derek Shepherd as they hover over an open abdominal cavity (or something equally unpleasant).

Katie Holmes

Katie has been in the media spotlight ever since she met, married, and converted to Scientology for mega movie-star-turned-crazy-couch-jumper Tom Cruise. Women now covet Katie’s chocolate brown eyes like they used to covet Tom, back in his Top Gun days.

DocShop’s Picks for Best Celebrity Eyes

Wentworth Miller

Fortunately, Prison Break is a fictional TV show – if it was real, could you imagine the number of women turning themselves in to the police for crimes they didn’t commit, just so they could be thrown into the big house alongside Wentworth? Oh, it’s just me? Well, I’d probably even shackle myself to him so I could stare into his mesmerizing eyes all day long.


This Barbados beauty is talented and successful, and has a bright future ahead of her. In a few short years, she’s quickly achieved celebrity status, won a Grammy® award, and managed to stay out of trouble. Her exotic eyes are the icing on this delicious cake.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake’s puppy dog eyes are so endearing on the big screen that he was cast to play a character in Brokeback Mountain that enamored both sexes – characters played by the late Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway.

Brad Pitt

Brad has a perpetual twinkle in his eye – is it because of the joy he feels raising his adorable kids or the joy he feels earning those healthy paychecks? Whatever the reason, if the saying is true that "the eyes are the window to the soul," then I'm definitely a Peeping Tom when it comes to Brad!

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