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Celebrity Abs - The Best Washboard Stomachs and Six-Pack Abs in Hollywood

Celebrity Abs - The Best Washboard Stomachs and Six-Pack Abs in Hollywood


Disclaimer: Though some people might see this article as an excuse for a couple of writers to peruse the Internet all day in search of gratuitous photos of half-naked celebs, the authors of this article assure you, our loyal DocShop readers, that this is not the case. Instead, we felt it our moral obligation to carefully and thoughtfully select 10 celebrities who display the most toned and taunt abdominal muscles in Hollywood, and we accepted our project with the most earnest of intentions. Our selfless purpose was to provide our readers with 10 “ab-tastic” reasons to stick with their healthy diet and regular workout routine. Here's what we came up with:

Lauren’s Picks for Best Male Abs


One glimpse of Usher ripping off his shirt and I start trumpeting like his rapping collaborator Lil’Jon – “Yeah! OK!” But I’ll admit to being a little worried about Usher – now that he’s a married man, could he get wrapped up in marital bliss and start choosing cookies over crunches?

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew takes the saying “if you got it, flaunt it” pretty seriously; he frequently takes his abs and pecs out to play, exercising shirtless on public beaches and causing hungry paparazzi and tabloid editors everywhere to rejoice! People even went so far as to name him one of the hottest bachelors, indicating that their definition of “bachelor” is “man pushing 40 and expecting baby with pregnant girlfriend while living in an Airstream® trailer.”

50 Cent

It would be so easy to make a joke about 50 Cent’s abs and nine gunshot wounds, but I’m choosing to take the higher road. Instead, I’ll say that those rock-hard muscles were surely a source of protection from the harsh reviews for his acting debut in Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Okay, that was still a cheap shot. The point remains: 50 Cent is so ripped he should change his name to Million Bucks.

Justin Timberlake

SexyBack. SexyFront. JT’s got it going on – on all sides! His exercise routine as of late includes dancing in Madonna’s music videos, chasing girlfriend Jessica Biel down the red carpet, and shooting goals as a hockey player in The Love Guru. I would also speculate that he keeps his diet N’Sync with his healthy exercise habits to make for some extra-chiseled abs.

Ryan Reynolds

Never one to be upstaged, Ryan takes special care to ensure that his front side is just as famous as that of his voluptuous fiancée, Scarlett Johansson. Ryan has such a sizzling six-pack, he should have a beer named after him! As one of today’s hottest young actors in both serious (TheAmityville Horror) and funny (Waiting) flicks, he’s in demand for more than just his rocking body.

Robert’s Picks for Best Female Abs

Stacy Keibler

If you want to see a woman with perfectly toned abs, look no further than Stacy Keibler. Let's just say that Stacy Keibler was the reason I watched season two of the hit television show Dancing with the Stars. Well, that, or my unabashed enthusiasm for the Paso Doble. No, nix that, it was Stacy Keibler!

Marissa Miller

Maxim’s pick for World’s Hottest Woman…the cover girl for the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition…a Victoria's Secret regular…a placing on this esteemed list…Marissa Miller has a lot going for her these days! The fact that she also serves as an ambassador to the American Cancer Society and is an experienced surfer only adds to her allure. If I ever see her at the beach, I might have to take a cue from Michael "Squints" Palledorous in The Sandlot when he attempted to win over Wendy Peffercorn by faking his own drowning!

Jessica Alba

This superhero vixen has abs that could save the world! Between roles in Dark Angel and Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba has been on the front line, flexing her muscles for the public good. And though she chose to sacrifice those wonderful crime-fighting abs of hers for the Miracle of Life (how apropos that this superhero named her daughter Honor), I can still console myself by watching reruns of Into the Blue on cable television.


I may be overly optimistic declaring one of the newest members of American Gladiators a "celebrity," but with abs that seem to be forged from pure unobtanium, how can I not include Jet on this list? I know that male contestants are supposed to go up against the male gladiators, but Jet can wrestle me to the ground in "Pyramid" or take me on in "Powerball" anytime she wants.

Sarah Jessica Parker

For a mother in her mid-40s, Sarah Jessica Parker has stunningly good abs. And just to be clear, I am aware of this only because of the brief clip of her walking around in her Underoos in the Sex and the City movie trailer. Although I would love to make a witty Carrie Bradshaw-esque anecdote, my entire knowledge of her character and the successful TV series is limited to how tight her abs are and how old that Samantha broad is.

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