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6 Signs That It's Time for a Check-Up

6 Signs That It's Time for a Check-Up


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but most of us still don't eat them. That means regular check-ups are still an important part of staying healthy. Sadly, many people have an irrational fear of doctors and avoid them unless their lives are at stake. However, this avoidance can actually result in the need for even more visits to the doctor’s office down the road, as a once simple problem balloons into a serious health issue. Don't want that to be your story? We can't blame you! So here are six early signs that it's time to pick up the phone and schedule your next check-up.

1) You’re not feeling well

This sign may seem obvious, but it's stunning how many people ignore the signals their bodies are sending them. The problem is that even if you try to ignore your aches and pains, they don't go away. They just get worse and worse until a minor inconvenience becomes an all-out menace. Regular check-ups can prevent this from happening. Doctors are trained to diagnose the early symptoms of nearly all common illnesses, so don't be afraid to seek professional medical help if you're not feeling well!

2) You have chronic joint pains

Most of us experience joint pain every now and then, but if it lasts for weeks, it could be a sign of trouble. Our joints gradually wear down just like the rest of our bodies. If you ignore chronic aches and pains, the problem is only going to intensify. The earlier you and your doctor catch a problem, the better. So make sure you clue your doctor in on any whatever joint pain you are experiencing.

3) You’re losing your of appetite

Loss of appetite can mean a lot more than "I just haven't been hungry lately." The cause of your appetite loss could be anything from an intestinal problem to a serious stomach malfunction. Of course, it could be nothing serious at all, but why gamble with something as important as your health? It’s better to be safe and schedule a check-up so that your doctor can do x-rays, take blood work, or perform other tests to determine whether you're okay.

4) You’ve had a recent injury

This sign is especially important if you maintain an active lifestyle. People who run, hike, or play sports have a higher chance of getting hurt than people who don't exercise. They are also somewhat less likely to get check-ups because they take pride in looking after their own health and wellness. However, if you've suffered an injury, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with a doctor. You may be smarter than the average Joe about your body, but you probably don't know a better course of rehabilitation or treatment than a doctor who has gone through medical school and has years of experience under his or her belt.

5) It’s wintertime

Everyone's immune system takes a hit during the cold, harsh winter months. And when your natural defenses go down, bacteria and viruses can wreak havoc on your body. This makes any time between November and February an ideal time for a check-up. Better yet, schedule your check-up before winter arrives and get whatever shots and immunizations you might need to defend yourself in advance. You'll beat the crowded waiting rooms!

6) You haven't had a physical in a while

Are they annoying? Yes. Are they awkward? You bet. Would you rather spend a day with the in-laws? Maybe so. But the fact remains that an annual physical is by far the best way to head off health problems before they get serious. If you've gone a year or more without having a physical, stop what you're doing and schedule a check-up right away. You may not enjoy seeing the doctor, but your body will thank you for making the effort!

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