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Youngest Looking Celebs Over 40 - Halle, Demi, Pamela, and More

Youngest Looking Celebs Over 40 - Halle, Demi, Pamela, and More


A wise man once said that "life isn't fair." That phrase certainly applies to a special group of celebrities who, despite having celebrated 40 or more birthdays, look so young that the rest of us question the dates on their birth certificates. Traditionally, joining the "over-the-hill" club has meant finding wrinkles, gray hair, and sagging skin in odd places, but certain stars laugh in the face of aging and continue to look youthful and vibrant, sometimes well into their fifties and even sixties. DocShop investigates this rare breed and how they manage to turn the tables on aging.


Linda Evangelista (43), Cindy Crawford (42), Elle MacPherson (44), and Christie Brinkley (54) need to stop hoarding drinks from the Fountain of Youth and share some with the rest of us. These ladies garnered plenty of attention during their heyday and, years later, still look drop-dead gorgeous. Oh, the injustice!

How They Do It: Plenty of exercise, dieting, and, yes, cosmetic enhancements. Cindy told a French magazine in 2006 that she owed her beautiful skin to cosmetic treatments such as BOTOX® injections, collagen, and vitamin injections, while Linda has also admitted to Vogue magazine that she indulges in BOTOX® Cosmetic and Thermage®. Both Christie and Elle eat only organic foods, which are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Fun fact : Christie told People® magazine that she keeps her workouts interesting by exercising with Dance Dance Revolution!

Leading Ladies

Halle Berry has always been a stunner. This year, the 42-year-old Oscar®-winning actress and former beauty queen gave birth to her first child, who will inevitably benefit from having great genes.

How She Does It: Halle enlists the help of celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza. According to Life & Style magazine, Halle follows Ramona's "3-2-1" program - three healthy meals, two snacks, and one liter of water per day. To tighten and tone, Halle works out five times a week with Ramona.

Another hot mama on the Hollywood payroll is Demi Moore (45). Demi made a splash in 2003 when the mother of three sported a tiny bikini and a toned, tanned body in Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle, putting her younger co-stars to shame. And when one of those co-stars is Cameron Diaz, that’s saying something.

How She Does It: Demi follows the Zone diet and does yoga, Pilates, and plenty of cardio.

Speaking of beauties in bikinis, Pamela Anderson looks much younger than her 41 years. She could fit in with the college spring break crowd anywhere!

How She Does It: Pam is a strict vegetarian. US Weekly also reported that she has a stripper pole in her bedroom - for exercise, perhaps?

Handsome Heartthrobs

With his cherubic baby face and miles of muscles, it's hard to believe LL Cool J (40) is "over the hill." He clearly takes his body as seriously as his work.

How He Does It: "Naturally," says the rapper-turned-actor-turned-designer. Responding to rumors in 2006 that he had plastic surgery and took steroids to enhance his physique, LL vehemently denied all claims. He penned a book (LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout) which outlines his intense fitness routine; it combines sprints, heavy weights, boxing, and hill climbs with a weighted vest.

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a full head of luscious hair, Patrick Dempsey (42) exudes youthfulness.

How He Does It: Perhaps Patrick has good karma on his side; he donated seed money to open the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing in Maine this year. The website for the center also calls Patrick a "physical fitness enthusiast."

A regular on DocShop's "best of" lists, Brad Pitt (44) needs to be put in a test tube and studied. This father of six has figured out how to look better as each year passes.

How He Does It: To transform his body for the movie Troy, Brad enlisted the help of trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche; he worked out six days a week for eight months, practicing martial arts, core exercises, and strength training, according to People® magazine. Brad is also rumored to follow the Zone diet.

Single and Fabulous

One of the actresses in this summer’s most popular female flick is Kristin Davis (43), who plays Charlotte in Sex and the City: The Movie. In the four years since the show has gone off the air, her three co-stars have aged visibly - albeit gracefully - but Kristin looks as young and perky as ever.

How She Does It: Kristin abstains from alcohol and cigarettes and keeps her skin healthy by protecting it with heavy sunscreen.

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue (40) emerged victorious from her battle with breast cancer looking as radiant as ever. Perfectly arched eyebrows and a luminous smile complement her beautiful bone structure.

How She Does It: Kylie credits ballet for keeping her in tip top shape, according to Hello! magazine.

Stars from Yester-years

Gary Coleman, Vanilla Ice, and Molly Ringwald all blew out 40 candles this year. Actress Stacey Dash (Dionne in Clueless) is 42. Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame is 44. The legendary Tina Turner is celebrating her 69th birthday in the fall by starting a six-month worldwide tour.

How They Do It: No plastic surgery for Tina and Jennifer, they've told magazines in the past. As for our other picks, the jury is still out.

Fun fact: Molly turned down the lead female role in Ghost that eventually went to Demi.

Welcome to the Club!

In the next few months, Owen Wilson, Lucy Lu, Will Smith, and Naomi Watts all turn 40.

Bonus Pick

Well into her forties, Tara Reid still looks great. Oh, wait …

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