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How to Get a Great Butt - Plastic Surgery Secrets

How to Get a Great Butt - Plastic Surgery Secrets


As discussed in a recent DocShop article that reviewed Hollywood's best celebrity booties, the butt has become, arguably, the most popular body part on women.

However, for those who were not graced with a tightly toned derriere, the butt can become an object of scorn and ridicule (think the Mischa Barton cellulite photo debacle).

Whether you feel your butt is too fat, flat, saggy, or dimply, there are numerous cosmetic treatments that can be performed to improve these figure flaws.

1) Get Bikini-Ready with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Plastic surgeons have introduced cosmetic treatments that can enlarge and tighten specific areas of the body. While breast augmentation with lift is the most well-known procedure of this kind, the Brazilian butt lift is becoming more widely performed among surgeons.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is designed to both lift and increase the size of the buttocks. During surgery, the surgeon removes fat from other areas of the body via liposuction, and then employs the fat transfer procedure to inject the extra tissue into the patient's buttocks. Areas of sagging skin can also be tightened and lifted to improve the tone and shape of the butt.

2) Want a Shapelier Derriere? Butt Implants Could Be the Solution

Most cosmetic surgeons recommend that men and women who want a more prominent butt undergo a butt lift procedure. However, some people do not have enough of their own fat to spare for the butt lift's fat transfer procedure.

Thin men and women who want a bigger butt are often better candidates for a butt augmentation procedure that involves use of butt implants. The butt implants are inserted into the buttocks to create a more prominent rear end.

3) Say Goodbye to Excess Fat – Undergo Liposuction

We would all love to be able to work off any areas of excess fat by following a healthy diet and exercise routine. But we also know that it is not always possible to meet our fitness goals and rid ourselves of every last figure flaw.

That is why millions of men and women have undergone liposuction to remove extra fat from problem areas. And with recent advances in liposuction technology, patients experience better results and a shorter recovery period.

4) The Key to Cellulite Removal - LIPOMASSAGE™, VelaShape™, and VelaSmooth™

The cellulite removal industry rakes in big bucks – despite its inability to provide consumers with consistently good results. Cellulite removal creams, gels, and pills promise to permanently smooth out dimples, but rarely succeed in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The cellulite removal treatment options that provide the best results are those performed in a physician's office. Cellulite reduction treatments such as LIPOMASSAGE™ by Endermologie®, VelaShape™, and VelaSmooth™ utilize specially designed rollers to firm and revitalize loose skin.

5) Erase Unsightly Stretch Marks – Stretch Mark Removal Options

Scarring from stretch marks is one of the most common figure flaws that affects adults. Caused by changes in body weight, pregnancy, puberty, and weight training, these unsightly scars mark the bodies of many men and women and are nearly immune to most treatments.

There are a range of natural stretch mark removal techniques that claim to erase stretch mark scarring, but most people find them to be ineffective. However, laser stretch mark removal can result in a significant reduction in stretch mark scarring. During the laser procedure, beams of high-intensity light are aimed at stretch marks, breaking up and disintegrating areas of scar tissue. Over the period of the next few weeks, new skin regenerates in place of the stretch marks.

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