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10 Websites That Will Help You Lose Weight

10 Websites That Will Help You Lose Weight


Losing weight is first and foremost a mental commitment. You must decide that you are going to do what it takes in. That being said, you would be a fool not to use clever shortcuts and aids when you find them! The Internet-using dieter will find a whole slew of websites offering tips, coaching, assistance, and even entire communities of people also trying to lose weight. By making good use of these websites, you can reach your weight loss goals sooner than you ever imagined. Here are 10 of the most helpful resources:

1) is a social network comprised entirely of people who are trying to lose weight. Becoming a member allows you to interact with people who are struggling with the same challenges that you are, building the motivation and momentum you need to stay the course. In addition to networking, Traineo also offers a host of tools to make losing weight easier. Among them are a workout tracker, a "daily diet score," and the ability to log the number of calories you consume each day.


A similar but somewhat different social network, is aimed at 31-to-36-year-old females but used by both men and women. Creating a SparkPeople profile enables you to find friends and track the progress of your weight loss goals from a single, organized website. Users are also free to take advantage of message boards, where they will find a helpful community of dieters eager and willing to answer their most pressing weight loss questions.

3) Gimme20

Gimme20 is a weight loss planning system and community based around the use of charts. The idea is that dieters can generate charts displaying anything weight loss related (such as how many glasses of water you drink, pushups you do, etc.) and keep a visual log of their progress. Dieters will also enjoy the ability to set alerts and reminders for themselves, in addition to constructing customized workouts. Combine this with the Gimme20 community of users, and you have all the makings of a solid, well-rounded weight loss network!


Unlike the websites so far mentioned, is exclusively focused on the nutrition aspect of weight loss. The $9.00/month membership fee is money well spent (as this success story readily attests), enabling users to gauge their eating habits against a comprehensive database of over 35,000 different foods. Color-coded analysis makes keeping tabs on your food consumption quick and painless. The real gem of MyFoodDiary, however, is its "dream planner," which literally allows you to project your eating habits weeks or months into the future and see where you will be if you maintain them.

5) is, as it says, a way to "track your weight with a nifty graph thingy." Signing up for a free account allows you to create an ongoing graph of your weight loss progress and post it on your MySpace, blog, or anywhere else you will feel motivated by knowing it's there. Self-conscious dieters will appreciate Skinnyr's new "weight blur" feature, which allows only you to see your true weight. All anyone else will see is how much weight you have lost or gained since you started your graph.

6) eDiets

eDiets is another reputable weight loss community for those who want the support of other dieters. Upon visiting the site, you will have the option of building a custom weight loss plan based on how much weight you want to lose. From there, you can choose to either follow the plan verbatim or critique it with the aid of other dieters in the eDiets community forum. Together, the plan-creation system and the website's users can provide the motivational kick you need to reach your weight loss goals.

7) Weight Watchers®

Weight Watchers® now offers a bevy of web-based tools that make its popular weight loss system even more effective and convenient. By using Weight Watchers® Online, dieters have access to over 1,500 healthy recipe and meal ideas, weight monitoring, personalized goal setting, and the ability to assess their food and exercise habits using intuitive, interactive tools.

8) is the weight loss planning and tracking system for the unabashed geek. Utilizing the latest and greatest web application technology, ITrainHarder builds a comprehensive weight loss program for your unique needs. This is achieved through five major components: nutrition, training, measurements, a blog, and a personal trainer (which you should really have to get the most you can out of the site.) So comprehensive is the website (one user remarked that ITrainHarder's database contained every single food item he consumed) that virtually anyone should be able to pay the $3.75 monthly fee and get positive results.

9) WebMD

WebMD offers both educational resources and interactive tools for the achievement of weight loss goals. On the same page, an aspiring dieter can get instantly applicable tips (such as a slideshow on 9 Tips For Flat Abs), read up on the latest diets, or calculate their target body mass index (BMI) based on how much weight they want to lose. Those considering any type of weight loss surgery will also appreciate WebMD's free weight loss surgery assessment tool.

10) is a helpful collection of the best weight loss tips, tools, and articles assembled from various places on the Internet. Here, users will find an organized and easily navigated directory of the exact advice (such as the top 6 diet plans) or assistance they are looking for, spanning dozens of different weight loss and fitness topics for people of all ages and situations. Best of all, there's no charge for any of it!

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