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Elevess: The More Comfortable Wrinkle-Reducing Agent

Elevess: The More Comfortable Wrinkle-Reducing Agent


As the first FDA-approved injectable wrinkle treatment to contain lidocaine, a numbing agent, Elevess™ is gaining notice among cosmetic treatment enthusiasts in the United States and Europe.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 4.6 million patients underwent BOTOX® treatment in 2007, while more than 1 million had hyaluronic acid injections such as Restylane®. Considering the popularity of wrinkle reduction treatments and dermal fillers, it comes as no surprise that cosmetic manufacturers are continuing to create products that are safer, more effective, and more comfortable than ever.

No Pain, No Gain?

What is the biggest complaint that men and women have while undergoing facial injectable wrinkle treatment? For most patients, it is the pain associated with the procedure. While the actual injection of wrinkle reducers generally only takes five to ten minutes, pain is typically felt both during treatment and for about an hour or two afterwards.

The addition of an anesthetic to wrinkle-reducing solutions provides patients with a more comfortable experience during the injectable treatment session, reducing the anxiety and fear associated with the procedure.

Advanced Formulation, Higher Concentration

Another benefit of Elevess™ is that it boasts a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid than similar treatments on the market, including Juvéderm™, Restylane®, Captique™, and Hylaform®. The higher concentration of hyaluronic acid provides longer-lasting results for patients that undergo Elevess™ injections.

FDA-Approved for Safety

Having received FDA approval for commercial sale in the United States, as well as the CE Mark certification for commercial sale in the European Union, Elevess™ is considered both safe and effective for use as an aesthetic filler. Because it is made from hyaluronic acid instead of animal proteins, there is little risk of an allergic reaction to the filler.

Developed by Anika Therapeutics and distributed by Artes Medical, Elevess™ provides a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, nasolabial folds, and other wrinkles for about three to six months.

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