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Comparing REALIZE Band with Other Weight Loss Surgery Options

Comparing REALIZE Band with Other Weight Loss Surgery Options


The REALIZETM Band is one of the newest weight loss surgery options to be approved by the FDA for use in the Unites States. But what makes the REALIZETM Personalized Banding System different from the other bariatric surgery options available?

Differences between Gastric Banding and Gastric Bypass

Gastric banding procedures, like those used for the REALIZETM Band and the LAP-BAND® System are different from gastric bypass procedures, including Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and vertical gastrectomy with duodenal switch. The main difference between the procedures is gastric banding is a laparoscopic procedure that implants a band on the stomach, but gastric bypass requires the stomach to be cut and the intestine to be rerouted.

Comparison of REALIZETM Band and LAP-BAND® System

Both the REALIZETM Band and the LAP-BAND® System are used during gastric banding weight loss procedures. As the two laparoscopic procedures do share some similarities, it may seem difficult to distinguish between them. A U.S. clinical trial has shown that both gastric banding procedures have lower 30-day postoperative mortality rates than other bariatric surgeries. The study also highlighted that both procedures have similarly low numbers of occurrences of band slippage, band erosion, and port erosions.

The trial found that REALIZETM Band patients averaged slightly higher weight loss percentages after three years, with REALIZETM Band patients having lost a mean of 43 percent and the LAP-BAND® patients having lost 36 percent of their excess weight. REALIZETM Band patients had lower occurrences of port displacement, band replacements, and band revisions.

Unlike the LAP-BAND®, the REALIZETM Band includes an online tool, which facilitates patients' communication with their weight loss surgeons.

Bottom Line on Weight Loss Surgery Options

As outlined above, there are several key differences between the REALIZETM Adjustable Gastric Band and other weight loss surgery options. Although some procedures, such as the REALIZETM Band and the LAP-BAND® System surgery, have better safety records, these procedures tend to require the most work and dedication from patients. No one procedure is perfect for everyone, so you should discuss your goals, your lifestyle and your level of commitment with your weight loss surgeon to determine which bariatric surgery procedure is the best option for you.

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