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Begging for Bigger Breasts - Beginners Guide to Free Breast Augmentation

Begging for Bigger Breasts - Beginners Guide to Free Breast Augmentation


Each year, hundreds of women across the country receive free breast augmentation surgery from wealthy (and not-so-wealthy) anonymous benefactors online. So how do these ladies manage to convince men they've never met to spring for their implants?

Lesson 1 - Don't be Afraid to Ask!

Sometimes the best way to get something you want is to just ask for it. For those women who either can't afford breast augmentation or recoil at the thought of paying for their own procedure, the internet is a great place to troll for financial support. Google "free breast implants". You'll stumble upon several websites and online forums devoted to connecting women in search of free breast augmentation surgery with benevolent men who (apparently) wish for nothing more than to help these women enhance their self-esteem. Sounds completely innocent right?

How Does it Work?

The mission of websites offering free breast augmentation seems to revolve around one common theme: harnessing the power of internet to meet the needs of members. So how does that translate to strangers working together to fund hundreds of breast enhancement procedures each year?

The answer is probably simpler than you imagined. Women who are seeking breast augmentation surgery do nothing more than join up with websites like, fill out a profile, post some photos, and start chatting online with men across the country. Male members can use the site to help women earn credits toward their procedure, or they can send money directly to their favorite ladies to assist with the cost of the procedure. So in other words, these women are banking thousands of dollars for breast augmentation surgery with as much effort as they'd spend browsing for bargains online or updating their Facebook page.

So What's in it for the Guys?

The FAQ sections on websites like are peppered with questions from women such as "Do I have to post naked pictures of myself?" The answer to which is always a resounding "NO", followed by some sage advice from the website moderators that more pictures posted = more benefactors. They go on to note that some women enjoy showing their appreciation to donors with a sexy photo or two.

So it seems that donors do get to enjoy browsing through naked photos of the more motivated female members. There is also the thrill of seeing the results of their benevolence; namely, the "after" photos.

But more importantly, when these men lay awake at night pondering their contribution to mankind, they can rest assured knowing they've helped countless women boost their self-esteem, increase their self-assurance, and look extra perky in a tube top.

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