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Skin Care Tips for Teens

Skin Care Tips for Teens


Being a teenager is difficult enough as it is, but when you toss in horrible teenage acne, it becomes a down right nightmare! Many teenagers suffer from this awful condition due to the hormonal changes that their bodies are experiencing, but there is hope. With proper skin care, teens can help to control and prevent their acne breakouts, and have clear skin they won't be embarrassed by.

Developing a Skin Care Routine

While hormonal changes may make some acne unavoidable, with a proper skin care routine, teens can help to prevent breakouts from becoming to severe, and help minimize the appearance of pimples. Developing a skin care routine is easy, and once you get in the habit of doing it regularly, you'll definitely be able to see an improvement in your skin.

The first step in developing your teen skin care routine is to start washing your face twice a day. This will help to remove excess oil, which is a large contributor to teen acne. Regular cleansings will help prevent breakouts from occurring. You will want to use a mild facial cleanser, not soap, and gently cleanse the skin once in the morning and once in the evening. Don't over wash the skin, as this can cause the skin to dry out and become unhealthy. You also don't want to scrub the skin too hard, as that can cause irritation and aggravate current acne breakouts.

Next you will want to find a skin toner to use. A skin toner will help to restore the skins natural PH balance, and keep oil and bacteria from building up. You can use a toner after washing your face, as well as throughout the day to get rid of any oil that has built up, and help your skin feel refreshed. Find a mild skin toner that does not include high levels of alcohol, which can dry the skin out too much.

Finally, find a good moisturizer that contains an SPF for sun protection. You want to avoid heavy moisturizers that will clog pores and cause your acne to become worse, so look for a mild moisturizer made for the face.

For teens who suffer from severe acne, professional Blue Light acne treatment and use of professional skin care products may be appropriate treatment options.

Other Considerations for Good Skin Care for Teens

Besides having a good skin care routine, there are other things that teens can do to help control acne breakouts, and prevent scarring from occurring, which is a common problem with teen acne. One thing that teens can do is to get in the habit of not touching their faces. Frequently touching your face transfers oil and bacteria from your hands to your face, which will cause the facial skin to break out.

Also, as tempting as it may be, do not pick or squeeze pimples, which will aggravate the skin, and can cause permanent acne scarring. Young teen girls should avoid wearing heavy makeup, which can cause the skins pores to become blocked and exacerbate acne occurrences, and young men that play sports should routinely cleanse their skin after playing, to help remove sweat and oil.

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