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Weird Celebrity Baby Names

Weird Celebrity Baby Names


These days, it seems as though celebrities care less and less about having the most unique image or the most unique cars, and instead are focusing on having the most unique baby name. While many celebrities have been scrutinized for years for the names they have given their children, these names pale in comparison to the monikers given to today's celeb-spawns.

Gone are the days when Debbie or Rebecca were the most common names. It is rare anymore to see the simple David or Steven. These days, we have names such as Apple (courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin) and Bronx Mowgli (courtesy of Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz), and good luck trying to figure out if the child attached to that name is a boy or a girl. (For those scoring at home, Apple is a girl and Bronx Mowgli is a boy.)

Topping the list of weird celebrity baby names may be the child of actor Rob Morrow, who decided to name his child Tu Morrow. If there ever was a pun intended, this poor child has been granted that pun.

The son of actor Jason Lee, from My Name is Earl, has been blessed with the name of Pilot Inspektor, a name that leaves many perplexed.

While many people find Penn Jillette from the comedy team of Penn & Teller to be absolutely hilarious, the fact that he named his daughter Moxie Crimefighter is far from humorous, and more of a tragedy.

When former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell gave birth, she decided to jump on the weird celebrity baby name band wagon too, and named her beautiful little girl Bluebell Madonna. She isn't the only Spice Girl giving her child an unusual name. Fellow bandmates have named their children a variety of "unique" names from Angel Iris to Scarlett Starr, not to mention the baby boys of Victoria Beckham: Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has a child named Sailor Lee.

Actor Dan Cortese also makes the list of top 10 weird celebrity baby names, having named his child Tabooger. Yes, Tabooger!

Legendary actor David Carradine blessed, or more likely cursed, his son with the name of I.P. Freely. Do some celebrity parents just hate their children?

It seems as though those in the rap music industry are also guilty of giving their babies weird names. Some celebrity baby names of note that come from popular rap musicians include Bow-Ty, who is the son of rapper 50 cent; and God'iss Love Stone, who is the daughter of Li'l Mo. Snoop Doggy Dog has a daughter named Chorde, and Bobby Brown named one of his daughters La Princia.

Sadly, it seems as though weird celebrity baby names are here to stay, and only get worse at that! With so many extreme names out there already, it's hard to imagine what names the celebrities will think of next. They'll probably manage somehow though, and have us all scratching our heads wondering just what they were thinking.

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