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Weird Ingredients in Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Weird Ingredients in Anti-Aging Skin Care Products


Anti-aging skin care products are all the rage these days. Everyone is looking for a way to keep their skin young and healthy looking. But have you ever taken note to what products are actually contained in your anti-aging skin care products? What is that magical ingredient that makes your particular lotion the best of the best? The answer may surprise you, and even have you looking for a new way to keep your skin looking great.

Snake Venom Peptide

Some companies are putting a "mimic" snake venom peptide into their anti-aging skin products to improve the appearance of the face. This copy of natural venom is said to reduce the depth and size of wrinkles that have formed on the face and provide some of the same results as more expensive BOTOX® injection treatments.

Purified Snail Slime

One company is producing a cream which contains purified snail slime extract that is to be rubbed into the body. The results are purported to be smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum is another ingredient that is now being used in a skin lotion. This lotion claims to be excellent for both sensitive and dry skin, given the high level of enzymes and vitamins that it contains.


The placenta may be great for keeping your baby healthy, but does it really have a place in your anti-aging cream? According to one company, yes. Placental proteins are processed and placed into anti-aging skin care products, and are said to tone and hydrate the skin.


Yet another material that certainly has its upside but not necessarily in a facial product. A company in Norway, however, believes that sperm is the next best thing for facial care. The company extracts small crystals from seminal fluid which are supposed to be better than vitamin E at keeping your skin healthy.

Bee Mucus Extract

A manufacturer of a facial cream in China claims that bee mucus extract has wonderful properties for caring for the skin. This extract is said to work at removing and preventing skin wrinkles and in balancing the skin's natural oil.

So the next time you grab for that bottle of anti-aging cream on the shelf, take a moment and read through the ingredients. If you're particular about putting weird things on your face, you may need to search for a new product. On the other hand, if you don't care what the product contains as long as it works, you definitely have a lot of options for weird remedies.

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