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How to Reduce Air Pollutants at Home and at Work

How to Reduce Air Pollutants at Home and at Work


As people become more concerned with healthy living, they start to focus on how they can reduce harmful air pollution that is found in their homes and their work place. Fortunately, reducing these air pollutants is quite easy and takes very little effort.

Natural Cleaning Products

One of the first steps that a person should take when attempting to reduce air pollutants is to change the type of cleaning products that they use. One of the number one causes of home air pollutants are the chemicals found in most home cleaners. These days, it is very easy to find "green" cleaning products that are not full of these chemicals and will help to remove harmful air pollution.

No Smoking

If there are smokers in your home, you should make sure the house remains a smoke-free environment. Tobacco smoke is extremely toxic and dangerous to you and your family, and making your home smoke free is one of the best ways to reduce air pollutants. This includes all forms of tobacco smoke including cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco smoked out of pipes.

Air Filters

Even after you have removed many of the sources of air pollutants that are in your home, there are still everyday air pollutants that will find their way indoor. So the next step in reducing the level of air pollutants is to buy a high-quality air filter. There is a large selection of air filters for you to choose from, from whole house air filters to filters that will work in a single room. Many people find that HEPA filters are the best choice and are most effective at thoroughly removing toxins from the air.


One easy way to reduce the amount of pollution in the air that many people may not be aware of is to put plants in your home that naturally clean the air. Plants are not only beneficial in providing us with necessary oxygen, but they are extremely effective at purifying the air as well. Some plants work better for purifying the air then others, however almost any plant can help to improve air quality. Each of the following plants can help to purify approximately 100 square feet of space.

  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Ficus
  • Golden Pothos
  • Mums
  • Spider Plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chinese Evergreens
  • Common English Ivy

Fresh Air at the Workplace

All of these methods for reducing the amount of air pollutants in your home can also be utilized in the work place as well. If you work in a small office, it may be easier for you to convince management to make some of these changes than if you work in a large office. If this is the case though, you still have options available to you. You can gather other co-workers that feel the same way as you and possibly petition to have these changes made, or you can simply implement some of these improvements yourself.

Even changing just one of these things will help to reduce the air pollution that you are exposed to. Of course, the more changes you are able to make, the better. All of these upgrades do not have to be made at once, but can be made over time if necessary. However, once you start making these changes you will easily begin to see the difference in your air quality and want to keep making your home and work place a healthier environment.

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