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Fad Diets Teens Should Avoid

Fad Diets Teens Should Avoid


We live in a culture in which the shape of one's body dictates their self-esteem. For teens, growing up with the images of thin celebrities and models is a recipe for disaster during adolescence. Teens already have a hard time feeling confident, without having impossible standards impressed upon them. While it is important to be a healthy weight, getting to a healthy weight should never come at the expense of one's overall health. With this in mind, the following fad diets should be avoided by teens.

The Seven Day Diet

For many teens, the Seven Day Diet sounds like a dream come true. Eat all you want of each day's chosen food group and you can shed your unwanted pounds. However, the Seven Day Diet is a nutritional disaster. It limits dieting teens to one or two foods each day. Although a teen may look or act similar to an adult, their bodies are still growing and any diet that is not nutritionally balanced is no good for them.

The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet, or the Master Cleanse, is not a sound diet for anyone let alone a dieting teen. It is severely restrictive and it can be dangerous. Furthermore, the Lemonade Diet does cause the intestines to empty, which can lead to dehydration or intestinal distress.

The diet restricts teens to an extremely low amount of calories. Teens are active and need calories to function at an optimal pace. Plus, like the Seven Day Diet, the Lemonade Diet is not nutritionally sound. Teens on this diet may lose a few pounds, but they will likely feel very sick and fatigued while doing it.

Starvation Diet

There are many different names used to label this diet, including the Russian Gymnast Diet, the 2468 Diet, Kimkins Diet, and many more. These diets restrict the calorie count of the participants in an either obvious or deceptive way. This severe calorie restriction cause a drastic drop in weight at first, but it doesn't maintain in most cases. The diet is not recommended because it is too low in calories and it is not nutritionally sound.

Tips for Spotting a Fad Diet

The best way to avoid fad diets is to know what to look for. Here are some sure ways to figure out of a diet is a fad diet:

  • The diet promotes quick results
  • The diet limits you to one food
  • The diet uses one food as its primary component
  • The diet eliminates a food group
  • The diet has limited testimonials
  • The diet has no supportive research
  • The diet requires you to skip a meal or multiple meals

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