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Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss Myths


The number of myths surrounding hair loss is long and lengthy, and the majority of those myths are so absurd it's often astounding they have lasted as long as they have. Many of the myths that we've heard for years about the causes of hair loss and baldness are in fact old wives' tales that hold very little water. Even so, that hasn't stopped people from believing in them, or from trying strange and unusual recommendations to keep hair loss at bay.

Myth: Washing your hair too often can contribute to hair loss

Truth: There is no reason to walk around with a head of dirty hair. While it is true that if you are excessively scrubbing your head while lathering up with shampoo you can pull hair out or end up with a condition called traction alopecia. However, simply washing your hair does not result in hair loss and in fact can help keep hair healthy and in place.

Myth: Use of styling products can make your hair fall out

Truth: Perming, coloring, and using styling products does not result in hair loss when done properly. Of course, it's not healthy to change the color of your hair every week, but when used properly, these styling products will not contribute to your hair loss.

Myth: Male pattern baldness is inherited from your mother

Truth: You can stop placing all of the blame on mom for that bald spot you are starting to notice. While it is true that genetics can play a part in hair loss, the genes that cause it to occur can come from either of your parents.

Myth: Frequently wearing a hat increases the risk of hair loss

Truth: It is understandable why this myth persists, even though it is completely false. Wearing a hat for prolonged periods of time when it is very hot and humid out can cause your hair to become unhealthy and result in some of your hair falling out. That, however, is not the same thing as "hair loss." As most people have noticed, once you stop wearing the hat your hair will begin to grow in healthy again because it is getting the oxygen that it needs. With true hair loss, the hair will never grow back even if you quit covering your head.

Myth: You can prevent hair loss by making sure you get plenty of blood flow to your head, like standing on your head

Truth: It is true that good blood flow does keep your hair healthy, but it will not prevent hair loss from occurring.

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