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Did They or Didn't They? Celebrity Plastic Surgery Makeovers of 2009

Did They or Didn't They? Celebrity Plastic Surgery Makeovers of 2009


Most of the time, Hollywood celebrities shy away from admitting whether or not they've had plastic surgery. More often than not, we're left to guess if the well-known faces on the big screen have had some help from the pros. Below are some of the latest plastic surgery rumors, leaving us to wonder: "Did they or didn't they?"

Rachael Ray is the subject of the most recent rumors that she had a brow lift. However, Ray maintains she has little time for anything outside of her crazy work schedule.

Recent pictures of former American Idol contestant, Kellie Pickler has people talking. Comparisons show how her face now dons an immobile, surprised look. Most believe this is the result of too much Botox and lip filler.

Heart throb Matthew McConaughey was starting to exhibit a significant receding hairline at the side parts of his forehead. Recently, however, his hair seems to have grown back, which leads one to believe he may have had some hair plugs as well as extensions.

Janet Jackson's weight has always fluctuated dramatically over the years. Still, recent pictures of her once-again rock hard abs leaves the public skeptical. Although Jackson attributes her abs to diet and extensive training, some wonder if she had some help via liposuction or liposculpture.

Tabloids love to speculate about Victoria Beckham due to her frequent breast size fluctuations. In fact, the media divides Beckam's life into four periods based on her breast size: Pre-implants (pre-1999), first implants (1999-2001), largest implants (2001-2009), and smallest implants (May 2009-present).

Finally, Jessica Simpson has always been blessed with beautiful boobs, clearing her of any breast augmentation rumors. However, there are rumors that she may have taken a dip or two into the collagen pool to beef up her lips, as well as having Botox on her crows' feet to open her eyes.

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