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Celebrities Hair Transplants: Do They or Don’t They

Celebrities Hair Transplants: Do They or Don’t They


In the quest for eternal youth, celebrities lead the way. Even those who seem to age gracefully manage to do so more slowly than the rest of us. For male celebrities, hair transplants are part of the process.

A quick search of the Internet for the names of men willing to admit having hair transplants yields only John Cleese, of Monty Python, and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Since a poll of practitioner members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery counts more than a quarter million such procedures worldwide in 2008 alone, it seems that some people aren't talking.

Transplants Offer More Natural Look

Consider the circumstantial evidence, then. Celebrity watchers are quick to notice when the subjects of their attention seem to acquire hair that wasn't there before. And they're just as quick to rate the realism of the additions. Since modern hair transplant techniques are much more natural-looking than artificial hair, those who look best must be getting hair transplants, right?

Not every celebrity displays a full head of hair at middle age or beyond. But some receding hairlines manage to stage a partial comeback. That's a feat that's hard to accomplish with a wig, but well within the talent of a skilled hair transplant surgeon. It's the difference between the look of maturity and that of old age, and may give a celebrity a significant career extension.

You Don't Have to Be a Celebrity to Benefit

Looking younger is not only beneficial to celebrities; it can be just as useful to success in business and in romance. If you think your hair loss is keeping you from having your best possible look and the self-confidence that goes with it, you should do what the celebrities do. You should contact an experienced hair transplant surgeon today and learn about your options for restoring a fuller head of hair.

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