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Real or Rumor: Are Dentists Offering Vampire Fang Procedures?

Real or Rumor: Are Dentists Offering Vampire Fang Procedures?


Vampires are in. So are fangs.

The release of the vampire movie New Moon, sequel to Twilight, caused a flurry of excitement - and ticket sales - rivaling the Harry Potter films. The CW Television Network broadcasts The Vampire Diaries; HBO airs True Blood. Fans are still hoping CBS will resurrect Moonlight, a vampire series from 2007.

So, what can a vampire fan do to join in the fun? How about some nice fangs? Rumor has it there are dentists who will file your canine teeth to look just like the movie and TV vampires. Just jump on the Internet and you can probably find one near you.

The truth is, there are plenty of opportunities to simulate vampire fangs, but they all involve removable dental caps or veneers. Most are not provided by dentists, but some nearly reach the sophistication of a dental procedure.

Several fang sculptors' Web sites offer to make custom-fitted caps. The first step is to send them a mold of your teeth, just like the kind dentists use. Other sites provide step-by-step instructions for doing it yourself.

Drs. Ben and Sherri Schneider, whose practice is in Warminster, Penn., will provide vampire fangs, but only in the form of a removable veneer, which is temporarily attached over the front of the real teeth with a dental adhesive.

Some people have filed their own teeth, but dentists worn that it can be very painful and may eventually cause the teeth to rot.

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