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Do-it-yourself Facial Plastic Surgery Is Risky Way to Save

Do-it-yourself Facial Plastic Surgery Is Risky Way to Save


In these tough economic times, many people are saving money by learning to do for themselves what they might previously have paid others to do. In the case of do-it-yourself facial plastic surgery, the results can range from disappointing to downright dangerous.

The Internet is enabling do-it-yourself plastic surgery practitioners. Unscrupulous profiteers sell the necessary supplies online without asking for a prescription or medical license number, just a credit card number. Anyone can buy injectables promised to relax or fill wrinkles or add fullness to lips. There are also supplies for chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Products Could Be Useless or Dangerous

The first danger of purchasing these products online is not knowing what's really in them. It's not likely they're the same thing a doctor would use. At best, they could be harmless and useless compounds; at worst, they could be dangerous chemicals with unpredictable consequences.

Improper application is the other danger. The results of injecting even a benign substance into the skin without medical training can include infection, nerve damage, permanent disfigurement, and even blindness. If peel chemicals are as strong as those used by professionals, there is a risk of serious burns.

Legitimate Home Supplies Give Limited Results

Those facial procedure supplies sold online that are safe are very likely to disappoint. Chemicals safe enough for amateur facial peels are usually about the same as products that can be purchased at a drug store or supermarket, not as strong or effective as those used by professionals. Microdermabrasion kits usually contain a battery-powered brush, not nearly as effective as the power blasters used in a doctor's office. A brisk scrubbing with a washcloth might be as effective and would certainly cost less.

To safely get the dazzling results you want from cosmetic facial procedures, contact a dermatologist. The services of a doctor and medically supervised staff will cost more up front, but may save you from embarrassment or even permanent disfigurement.

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