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New Incisionless Bariatric Surgeries Benefit Moderately Obese

New Incisionless Bariatric Surgeries Benefit Moderately Obese


Two new incisionless techniques offer the benefits of minimally invasive bariatric surgery to moderately obese patients. Like standard procedures, these new procedures are designed to restrict the amount of food eaten or nutrients absorbed. Access for both is through the mouth or nose.

Transoral gastroplasty (TOGA) reduces the volume of the stomach, similar to stomach banding. Primary obesity surgery endoluminal (POSE) simulates gastric bypass surgery by placing an impermeable tube in the upper intestinal tract, as well as reducing stomach volume.

Surgery Site Accessed Through Mouth or Nose

Both surgeries are performed under general anesthesia by inserting special surgical tools through the mouth or nose. The surgeon views the procedure using an endoscope, a special video camera that receives images through an optical fiber extension inserted alongside the surgical tools.

The TOGA and POSE procedures were developed to benefit moderately obese patients, who may not be facing the immediate health risks that justify riskier surgeries for the morbidly obese, but who may have long-range concerns, especially type 2 diabetes.

In each procedure, surgeons gather folds of stomach tissue and staple them together, reducing effective volume, which causes hunger to be satisfied with less food. The POSE procedure also seals off part of the intestinal wall with a plastic tube, reducing the calories absorbed from food.

Medical Consortium Supports Surgery to Prevent Diabetes

The argument for using bariatric procedures on the moderately obese received support in November, when a medical consortium declared that curbing the epidemic of type 2 diabetes is a legitimate application.

In addition to being less risky than traditional methods, the new procedures are quicker, easier, and less expensive to perform, which will make bariatric surgery available to more patients at lower cost.

If you are moderately obese and not a good candidate for traditional surgery, talk to an experienced bariatric surgeon about minimally invasive bariatric surgery, such as TOGA and POSE. You may eliminate the threat of type 2 diabetes and other health issues by achieving permanent weight loss.

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