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Celebrity Lip Augmentation Speculation Is Popular Gossip Topic

Celebrity Lip Augmentation Speculation Is Popular Gossip Topic


Lip augmentation has become second only to breast augmentation in popularity among cosmetic surgery procedures. It is also becoming an increasingly popular topic of discussion among purveyors of celebrity gossip.

Supermarket tabloids, television gossip shows, and Internet gossip pages are filled with speculation about which female celebrities, especially those under 30, have had their lips plumped. Assuming that it really matters, how does a person decide what to believe?

Extreme Procedures Easy to Spot

A really extreme lip augmentation results in a look reminiscent of a collision with a door. In other cases, it seems female celebrities have forgotten that, for most people, the upper lip is naturally smaller than the lower lip. The result is the look of fish lips. Among celebrities who have been caught by the camera with noticeably unnatural lips are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Murphy, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Melanie Griffith, and Nicole Kidman.

Celebrities Rarely Admit to Plumping

A rare few celebrities will admit to plastic surgery. Jessica Simpson told Jay Leno and his audience about her unfortunate lip plumping experience, and that she was very happy when her lips deflated. Keira Knightley admitted to the procedure when confronted outside a plastic surgeon's office with a larger-than-life upper lip, according to one Web site. But we've all been warned about believing what we read on the Web.

If you're considering a lip augmentation, be sure to find a cosmetic surgeon with experience in the procedure. If you're shopping on the Web, look for surgeons who display patient photos showing the most natural results.

Most women choose temporary lip augmentation, achieved with injections of any of several approved fillers, such as Restylane. Others opt for permanent results through implantation of either synthetic materials or donated human tissue. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the options available and help you decide which procedure is most appropriate.

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