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Top Ten Ways to Find the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Top Ten Ways to Find the Right Cosmetic Dentist


Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman, of Artistic Expressions Dentistry, has assembled a list of the top ten ways to assist you in finding a qualified cosmetic dentist to perform your appearance enhancing dentistry.

1) Get a referral from another dental specialist.

2) Get a referral from a friend who had treatment similar to what you are considering.

3) Education, education, education. Make sure your dentist was trained in cosmetic dentistry techniques. Look for training from curriculums such as:

  • The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (PAC-Live)
  • The Hornbrook Group
  • Las Vegas Institute (LVI)
  • Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Education
  • Pankey Institute
  • Similar programs that have Hands-on training in cosmetic dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member

4) Experience, experience, experience. Make sure your cosmetic dentist has experience performing the procedure in which you are interested. For example, your dentist should perform at least 100 veneer procedures each year.

5) Look at before and after photos of the dentist's work. Make sure the photos you see on the website are photos of patients the dentist has restored. Ask to speak to patients who have had similar treatment.

6) Look for a dentist that has a great staff. If the person on the phone can't answer simple questions about procedures, they are probably not well trained.

7) Find a dentist with a modern, comfortable office with current technologies.

8) Cleanliness is important. If the office looks sloppy, the dentist's work may be sloppy.

9) Your dentist should work with a good lab so that you get what you pay for.

10) If you have an existing relationship with a dentist you trust, find out if he or she can perform the treatment.

Finding the right cosmetic dentist is essential to getting results that make the investment worthwhile. Dr. Wilderman is a Philadelphia cosmetic dentist who has experience performing a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including professional teeth whitening and placement of porcelain veneers.

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