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Blurred Vision Following Cataract Surgery

Blurred Vision Following Cataract Surgery


Cataract surgery has been one of the most successful outpatient procedures for many years. The procedure is performed in a quick and painless fashion, and Dr. Jeffrey Martin rarely uses needles around the eyes, stitches, or even an eye patch. The cloudy or defective natural lens is removed through a small incision using gentle computer-controlled ultrasound or phacoemulsification. A new intraocular lens implant is then placed to restore vision.

Sometimes, patients do not regain the vision that they expected following cataract surgery. There can be several reasons for poor vision following cataract surgery. Some of the more common causes include:

Macular Edema

At one month, blurred vision can be caused by cystoid macular edema. This is a swelling in the retina that can occur in otherwise perfect cataract surgery. The cause is not well known, but treatment involves topical steroids and topical anti-inflammatory drops. It has been shown in clinical study that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication can be used to prevent this cataract surgery side effect. For this reason, many cataract surgeons use these medications for prophalaxis.

Other Macular Problems

Macular issues like macular degeneration or epiretinal membrane can cause distorted or blurred vision following cataract surgery. Like a camera, the lens of the eye or the lens of the camera is fixed in cataract surgery, but if the film in the camera or the macula is damaged in some way, the pictures will still be blurred. There are different treatments for macular pathology depending on the clinical situation.

Vascular Problems

An old vascular event such as an artery occlusion or a vein occlusion can be the cause of blurred vision. In these situations, the blood flow to the retina has been damaged in some way. This can harm the function of the retina.

As stated, even in successful cataract surgery, there can still be reasons for less than perfect vision. You should seek the help of a qualified eye doctor I you experience blurred vision following cataract surgery.

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