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Know Your Options When It Comes to TMJ Treatment and Pain Relief

Know Your Options When It Comes to TMJ Treatment and Pain Relief


Temporomandibular joint pain, or TMJ pain, can cause systemic, crippling pain that affects much more than just the jaw or head.  The nerves surrounding the TMJ are very sensitive, and inflammation in the joint can cause severe pain throughout the body. 


There are several varying TMJ treatment options:

  • The most obvious option is to stop or reduce the use of the jaw (much easier said than done)
  • Consuming softer foods, that are easier to chew may temporarily relieve pain
  • Anti-inflammatory medication may reduce swelling
  • Pain medication will not cure the disorder but it will help the TMJ pain subside for some time
  • Some patients have found relief through mouth guards


A combination of treatments is usually the only solution for most individuals suffering from TMJ pain.  However if you are looking for a singular solution to TMJ pain relief, then the Aqualizer may be for you.  The graph at the bottom of this article illustrates the immediate results for TMJ pain sufferers after just ten minutes of using the Aqualizer.  When the jaw and teeth are allowed to align, it reduces the tension in the temporomandibular joint, allowing the surrounding muscles to relax and reduce pressure on the nerves which will provide TMJ pain relief. 


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