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Are You or Your Child Experiencing Hearing Loss?

Are You or Your Child Experiencing Hearing Loss?


Los Gatos Audiology experts tend to find that those suffering from hearing loss have similar patterns of behavior in common. If you believe that you or one of your children may have real trouble hearing, the tell-tale signs below may confirm your suspicions.

Signs an Adult has Hearing Loss

  • Others frequently ask you to lower the volume when you watch television or listen to music.
  • You frequently ask people to repeat themselves, and notice you can better understand when looking at the person speaking to you in the face.
  • You often think people sound like they are mumbling.
  • You often don't catch parts of conversation or you misunderstand conversation.
  • The people that you spend the most time with comment that you cannot hear well.
  • You don't hear alarms, doorbells, or the phone ringing sometimes.
  • You think your hearing in one ear is better than the other's.
  • There is occasionally a ringing or buzzing noise in your ear.

Signs a Child has Hearing Loss

  • When you call after your child, he or she fails to respond unless you raise your voice or call out a few more times. Your child may also indicate he or she did not hear what you said.
  • Your child seems to lag behind the average child in speech development.
  • He or she does not speak at the expected level of the age group. For example, you may notice mumbling or a delay in articulating sentences effectively.

Los Gatos hearing loss community members should know that expert solutions are available. Los Gatos Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is here to help! If you can relate to more than one of the signs above, you or your child could be experiencing hearing loss. Los Gatos Audiologist Ellen Mosher can listen to your concerns, perform comprehensive exams, and walk you through the ideal treatment options.

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