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Phony Plastic Surgeons Cause Injury and Death for Victims

Phony Plastic Surgeons Cause Injury and Death for Victims


Plastic surgery is expensive, but going too far to save money can be costly in other ways. For years, charlatans posing as plastic surgeons have inflicted pain and suffering on people who failed to heed the adage "you get what you pay for."

The popularity of quick, easy injectable solutions to cosmetic plastic surgery has created an easy opportunity for phonies. The victims come from all walks of life and social strata.

Hollywood Notables Not Immune to Phonies

Dr. Daniel Serrano of Argentina, who was not licensed to practice in this country, went to prison a few years ago for injecting automotive-grade silicone into the lips and faces of Hollywood notables, including Shawn King, Larry's wife, Diane Richie, then Lionel's wife, and Pricilla Presley. At parties hosted by some of his victims, he charged $300 to $500 per treatment. Some developed lumps or holes in their faces or lips; others suffered facial paralysis.

In Guadalajara, a former stripper posing as a doctor organized parties at which she injected hundreds of women with baby oil, vegetable oil, motor oil, and industrial grade silicone to plump lips, breasts, hips, and calves. The women developed a range of symptoms, including chronic aches and pains, strange lumps that burned from the inside when exposed to the sun, and skin turned black and died.

Amateur Facelift Attempted at Phony Clinic

Three men masquerading as doctors were arrested in Queens, N.Y., for running a filthy phony plastic surgery clinic where they were doing more than giving injections. One woman was in the middle of an amateur facelift when the police arrived.

A woman died at the hands of another Queens-area phony plastic surgeon while the man tried to find a real doctor who would help him save her through coaching over the phone. He dumped her body and fled to Costa Rica, where he was arrested.

Even real doctors need specialized training to provide proper, safe plastic surgery. A family doctor in Las Vegas had his medical license revoked after pretending to be a board-certified plastic surgeon and performing breast implant surgery on a woman who was awake and suffering incredible pain. Ten hours of reconstructive surgery were required to repair the damage.

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