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LASIK Vision Correction Helps Many Athletes Stay on Top

LASIK Vision Correction Helps Many Athletes Stay on Top


If you live within broadcast range of a major sports franchise, you've probably heard or seen advertisements by or about team members for LASIK eye surgery. This minimally invasive procedure for improving vision has clear advantages for professional athletes, and for weekend athletes, as well.

To perform well in most sports, athletes require excellent vision to help them move quickly and decisively. Those who require vision correction for better focus know from experience the disadvantages of relying on glasses or contact lenses. That's why so many professional athletes have chosen LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) refractive surgery.

Glasses are the least convenient method of vision correction for athletes. They're difficult to fit under the helmets used in such sports as football and car racing. For everyone else, they can be knocked off the face or even into the eye, causing a serious injury.

Contact lenses, like glasses, can be dislodged in contact sports. In any sport, a speck of dust, a gust of wind, or perspiration can interfere with vision.

With LASIK, vision correction is achieved by reshaping the cornea, the outermost component of the eye, to maximize focal length. Because the procedure does not involve the inner eye, recovering from LASIK and getting back in the game is relatively quick and easy.

Although results vary for each patient, some actually achieve better vision correction with LASIK than with glasses or contact lenses.

Even if you're not a professional athlete, ask your eye care specialist about LASIK eye surgery costs and how LASIK surgery can increase your enjoyment of your favorite sport.

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