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Kim Kardashian Denies Breast Augmentation, Kourtney Admits It

Kim Kardashian Denies Breast Augmentation, Kourtney Admits It


Reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian continues to deny that she has had plastic surgery, either to her breasts or to her bottom, while her sister Kourtney freely admits to breast implants. The two addressed rumors about their cosmetic procedures in a recent appearance on ABC's Nightline.

Kim said she has had Botox® Cosmetic injections, but no surgery. Kourtney said it was no secret that she has breast implants and that she doesn't care who knows. She said that published "before and after" photos were actually all taken after her surgery, but before and after she gave birth to her son Mason. She said any breast size difference was due to breast feeding.

Mother Kris Jenner Admits Breast Augmentation

In the same interview with Nightline co-host Cynthia McFadden, the Kardashians' mother Kris Jenner said she had two breast implant surgeries in 1988, the second because the first "didn't work." She denied having any facial surgery, a claim that seems justified if one assumes she would have had a concurrent neck lift.

Jenner also said none of the women in the family has had a nose job. Kim said she went as far as consulting with a plastic surgeon, but backed out. Profile shots during the interview seemed to support her claims; her nose still has characteristics normally eliminated by a nose job.

The Kim Kardashian Web site includes a blog article denying breast augmentation, accompanied by a photo of her in a bikini at age 14, with ample breasts. She writes that she already had a C cup at age 11. So far, we have only her word to support her denial of buttocks augmentation.

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