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Stretch Marks from Breast Implants Unlikely for Most Women

Stretch Marks from Breast Implants Unlikely for Most Women


Among the questions women often have about breast implants is whether they cause stretch marks. For most women, they do not; for a few, they do; for some, they may even make pre-existing stretch marks less visible. As with most medical treatments, breast implant results depend on the individual.

Stretch marks are the result of tears in the dermis, the layer of skin beneath the outer epidermis. They are associated with the rapid growth of skin to accommodate rapid changes in body size, such as pregnancy, significant weight gain, and growth spurts.

Most women with healthy skin will not get stretch marks as a result of breast implant surgery. Many doctors feel this is especially true for women whose implants are placed beneath the chest muscle, since this reduces the stress on the skin to support the implants.

Thin Skin, Oversize Implants May Cause Stretch Marks

The size of the implants can be a factor. Women with thin skin that is more likely to develop stretch marks may be able to reduce the risk by choosing a smaller implant. Even those with healthy skin of more typical thickness may develop stretch marks with implants that are disproportionately large.

For some lucky women, breast implants may reduce the appearance of pre-existing stretch marks. If the implants stretch the skin just a little, it may be enough to smooth the epidermis over the defects in the dermis below.

For the best possible result from your breast implant surgery, choose an experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon. You and your surgeon can discuss the unique factors of your case and develop realistic expectations for this life-changing procedure.

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